Rod Wave – Boyz Don’t Cry (Acoustic Video)

Rod Wave – Boyz Don’t Cry (Acoustic Video)

Amazon Music Presents Rod Wave, “Boyz Don’t Cry” Live from Brooklyn, NY
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28 Responses

  1. GC LIVE says:

    Rod wave too fire!! 🔥

  2. luis michaelides says:

    I never cry to music but Rod wave is so relatable and it’s so beautiful.

  3. Jeremiah Guillen says:

    This album going to hit them charts hard let’s go. Sing those songs out loud so everyone can hear!.

  4. N8theGR8 says:

    Rod had real emotion in his songs thats why he will always be one of the greatest. This skng brought tears to my eyes🔥

  5. Teshnick Sechell says:

    “Take away my name,take away My throne, take away my fame, let me keep my soul” 🥵❤️

  6. JR Rida says:

    Rod Wave makes therapy music 🎶. He makes you feel his words. 2 more days #Nostalgia

  7. shootah says:

    felt that shit in my soul

  8. Yung hope d prophet says:

    When you think Rod is done, he just does it again. An idol to me . Took me through my worst times , I’ll forever be grateful to this man ❤

  9. AAF (American Ammo And Firearms) says:

    Rod has moved to the top of my favorite Artists of all time and that’s saying a lot long live the youngin 💐💐💐

  10. Selvy says:

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us fam these days authentic real music like yours is rare💯💙

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