iPhone 15/15 Pro Impressions: Not Just USB-C!

iPhone 15/15 Pro Impressions: Not Just USB-C!

Hands-on with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

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31 Responses

  1. vidIQ says:

    Looking forward to Apple quoting MKBHD during next product launch with:
    “This probably won’t make a real difference to most people… it’s kind of a bummer.”

  2. Justin Ammerman says:

    While the addition of the action button is certainly welcome, it seems like a really obvious missed opportunity to not have multi-input customization support for it. Being able to customize it to do a thing with a single tap is cool, but they could have so easily allowed it to do something different with a long press and then another thing with a double click, or any number of other options. Just a thought.

  3. Tony Golightly says:

    Going from a 12 pro max to a 15 pro max. Main drivers are the new chip and battery life improvements. The other thing for me is the new optical zoom and faster camera. I use the optical zoom as an activity thing since my vision isn’t great. It lets me take picture of smaller text or distant text and read it easily.

    • Mr. Tasty says:

      “Battery life improvements” is just a bigger battery if not the same battery as before. The battery will degrade the same as the other batteries. I work fixing iPhones and im going to see this phone fairly quickly because of how easy it will break. Too much glass.

    • Horacio Lopez says:


  4. Carter Smith says:

    Always love coming back to your event in summary videos, I’m usually in class for these fall ones so I appreciate the in depth summary. Finally upgrading from my 11 Pro Max to the 15 Pro Max and I’m so damn excited!

    • Julian Brooks says:

      My sentiments exactly! I’ve been holding onto my 12 Pro Max. Until now.

    • Tim Smith says:

      This will be a big jump. I went form the 11 pro to the 14 pro and a year later i’m still excited to use it. screen quality is so much better. image and video quality is insane. smooth scrolling is great, and dynamic island is also helpful for my usage. enjoy!!

  5. McGriddle69 says:

    I’ll probably stick with my 14 pro max for another year. I’m really glad they’re going to USB-C and that honestly almost gets me to get one because I’d like to charge all my stuff with one cable but the other features while cool just aren’t enough of a leap to cause me to upgrade.

  6. Yep Yep says:

    They have put a lot of emphasis on gaming and their gpu during the presentation. I want to see it perform.

  7. Filme Gitmeden Önce says:

    For those who weren’t there: During the event every youtuber/influencer was taking pictures and videos with Marques (including myself). Even when he was shooting his hands on video. He took his time for every single person who came up to him. Respect. As I said to him
    “thank you for your videos”

  8. Frank Bradford says:

    The MKBHD review is the review we all wait to see. I know others tend to release reviews faster but this is the one that matters most.

  9. Dennis Kirschbaum says:

    I will be getting the 15 pro. I currently have the 12 pro and will be passing that along to a family member. I think the titanium looks cool. USC is welcome and I like the action button a lot. I never use the mute switch as my phone is muted all the time. Thanks, Marques, you always give us the real and concise scoop!

  10. Tony Sarathchandra says:

    Always to the point, cutting through the marketing BS, love it!

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