Rod Wave – Great Gatsby (Acoustic) (Amazon Music Presents)

Rod Wave – Great Gatsby (Acoustic) (Amazon Music Presents)

Amazon Music Presents Rod Wave, “Great Gatsby” Live from Brooklyn, NY

Listen to Amazon Music Presents Rod Wave (Acoustic) featuring “Boyz Don’t Cry” and “Great Gatsby” exclusively on Amazon Music:

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Listen to Rod Wave’s Album “Nostalgia”, Available Now:

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26 Responses

  1. GC LIVE says:

    Can we appreciate all the hard work that Rod Wave puts in all his music! Bro is really saving lives! 🙏💪

  2. Reme02 says:

    I need Rod to drop acoustic versions of all the songs in Nostalgia album🔥😭

  3. Jet McKinnon 🛩️ says:

    Rod wave talks with his heart. A real man that expresses his songs in order to inspire others. A true goat 🐐🦋

  4. canadiianna says:

    The purity in his voice. I’ll never stop loving his vibe, music, relatability. Rod Wave is truly a gift to us. We love you 🤎🤎🤎

  5. X GENS says:

    00:46 The singer is reflecting on their love for someone and how they can’t live without them.
    01:32 Feeling sick and lost without someone
    02:41 Rod Wave performs ‘Great Gatsby’ acoustically for Amazon Music Presents.
    03:00 Rod Wave performs an acoustic version of ‘Great Gatsby’ for Amazon Music Presents
    I connect with this song so much❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  6. Justice LG says:

    Lets go Guys, flood this comment section with “WE LOVE YOU ROD” So he can drop back our music❤️🙏🏽

  7. Mufa studios says:

    The way Rod did the chorus on this one is a taste of heaven😢
    I love you Rodarius❤💯🙏🏿
    “My closest friend my worst enemies 😔”

  8. CheapsideJA says:

    Dear Jesus: Thank you for blessing us with Rod Wave and his beautiful voice 🙏🏾❤

  9. positive vibez says:

    We gotta keep Rod protected at all costs, he done changed lives in ways unimaginable 🙏❤️🐐

  10. ty says:

    The reason Rod Wave is successful is cause his music is authentic. He built a loyal fanbase on consistency, and not trying to sound like every artist. I pray one day my music can touch masses like Rod Wave. He’s my biggest inspiration!

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