One year ago, Eagles linemen Jason Kelce, Jordan Mailata, and Lane Johnson surprised us all with a Christmas album. This year, they’re putting on a whole Christmas show!

A Philly Special Christmas Stop Motion Animated Special will premiere this Thanksgiving at 8pm EST exclusively on YouTube.

The 8 minute film, created by Philadelphia-based animation studio, unPOP, is a light hearted drama following Kelce, Jordan and Lane attempting to rally their friends to put on the best Christmas show in the history of Philadelphia. It features songs from A Philly Special Christmas Special (Vera Y Records), and appearances by Patti LaBelle, Merrill Reese, Travis Kelce and more.

The tale takes us through Jason’s journey and failed attempts at learning the true meaning of the season.

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Order your vinyl now at https://phillyspecialchristmas.com/

Video by @unPOP & 9.14 Pictures

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30 Responses

  1. NightFoxx says:

    This will now be a Christmas tradition to watch ever year… move over frosty! 🦅

  2. J.G. McBell says:

    We need Jason to stick around for one more year, just so we can get “A Very Special Philly Special Christmas Special”

  3. Horace kurenai says:

    Hey everyone for everyone here or soon to be here have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving enjoy the time you have with your family and the best to everyone across the world may everyone be blessed and be safe in this time

  4. W says:

    I’m a Steelers fan but I gotta show some respect to Jason Kelce. Guy has done as much for Philly as anyone. Best Eagle ever.

  5. Donna Cochran says:

    Thank you to the claymation creator’s!!! What a wonderful job!!! This little production just made my Thanksgiving even better!! Thank you…and… you guys were AMAZING!! AWESOME JOB! Who would have thought Nick would have been in this? 👏👏👏

    • justinbassx says:


    • alittlecreepywhenyou says:

      ‘Saint’ Nick will always and forever be in our hearts.
      What? Too corny? 🎅🍻🐐

    • Donna Cochran says:

      @alittlecreepywhenyou not at all corny. I LOVED it! I just thought it was going to be current player’s. I’ve watched this little Christmas special so many times and still find something new. These guys did an amazing job.

  6. Jason Kelce says:

    Peter and Marie really knocked this out of the park, the ending is my favorite part

  7. Drootin Heacock says:

    So so cool that my cousins got to make this. Way to go Pete and Marie!!!

  8. Lori Burke says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let’s kick off Christmas this year together with the Philly Specials and the Kelce bros:)

  9. Donna Pfeiffer says:

    As a giants fan I think this is an amazing project. Great job to all.🎉

  10. Monsta The Boss says:

    Just saying, how proud your parent are already then to see the both of you together, the podcast, football, this chirstmas special, they raised gentlemen and scholars, they couldn’t be more proud! What every child wishes they could do for their parents! God bless you guys!

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