Rolando “Rolly” Romero speaks after getting pushed off the stage at weigh=in | Davis vs Tank

Rolando “Rolly” Romero speaks after getting pushed off the stage at weigh=in | Davis vs Tank

Rolando “Rolly” Romero speaks with the Showtime crew excluding confidence ahead of his bout against Gervonta Davis.

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47 Responses

  1. Sorry Not Sorry says:

    One thing is for sure, Rolly got me really wanting to watch this fight!

  2. Elohim Gabin says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact Rolly’s only been boxing since 17. Huge inspiration to boxers like myself who are currently going through an injury and don’t want to give up. Win or Lose I’ve watched a lot of this guys’d interviews and can’t help but love his mindset.

    • Elohim Gabin says:

      @Z.F.G.Yiung Zero I also watched the fight multiple times. That’s ok. Have to disagree with u on that one Zero. Jackson controlled the pace and did well with the jab for about 4 rounds. That’s it. If you pay attention Rolly landed the way harder shots and was more accurate throughout the fight the more it went on. Say what u want but the judges saw it they way did. Rolly earned that spot fair and square.

    • Z.F.G.Yiung Zero says:

      @Elohim Gabin Alright I’ve watched that fight multiple times and Jackson won. Jackson Controlled the ring had great shot selection and wasn’t headhunting like Rollie did not have good pace he showed zero skill the fact they gave rollie those scorecards is sad if anything a tie is more likely I give Rollie 2 and 6 the rest go to Jackson

    • Elohim Gabin says:

      @Sneat Ur actually wrong on that. Of course he’s gonna suck as an amateur that’s the whole point of starting late. I remember taking the sport serious at 14 and getting my ass dominated by guys older than me but guess what? It got me better. And as for his last fight a lot of you claim Romero lost because of what the commentators say yet Rolly was landing all the garden shots in that fight, controlled the pace and the punch output in that fight. Jackson I give him about 4 rounds and I have watched that fight multiple times but it’s ok think what u want.

    • j roy says:

      @Kin DaBoss i would

    • Sneat says:

      @Jj Fw Ray Mercer turned pro at 28.

  3. Chizzy Boy says:

    Rolly, such a hilarious dude 😂 . The master in talking shits. Even though he don’t get the win on fight night, dude still gonna be remembered for the shits talk moments.

  4. c 97 says:

    “Hes to cocky, he’s to awkward, hes too inexperienced,” say what you want, but I cant help but admire rolly for going through with this fight, and you can tell he’s taking it seriously by what great shape he’s in. Best of luck to both warriors.

    • Miles Cogdell says:

      @justin craig he just trolling he the 69 of the boxing world 😂😂😂😂


      He just a cash out let’s keep it real

    • Rob Bankzzz says:

      Lol he needs money believe it… Sad he has to take a beaten for it…

    • Rambo Comando says:

      Cocky is always a problem only to people that lack confidence in themselves so they hate to see it on others. If you are a confident individual, coming across someone else who is too does not face you. Is not a competition.

    • INFECTED says:

      For sure, Rolly talks shit and all but he sells fights

  5. Sire Da Ruler says:

    I hope Rolly doesn’t get embarrassed to bad tomorrow. I already want to watch another one of his fights just for the interviews 😂

  6. The Dude says:

    Dude’s humor is gold. Nice to see someone not having a stick up their ass leading up to a fight.

  7. PjToons says:

    Rolly got a fan Right here! Win or lose he’s funny

  8. Diego Navarrete says:

    Killed me when he said he knows his insecurities🤣

  9. AC Coming Back To Life says:

    Got to give it to Rolly he’s a seriously likeable young guy with Uber confidence and skills to match. Hope he goes all the way.

    • IronReef77 says:

      Skills to match lol

    • kobie camp says:

      @King Flores Ask Wilder how far it took him- what are you talking about? The man won a Bronze medal in the Olympics, he became the heavyweight champion, he beat every man they put in front of him except Tyson Fury, he has the biggest or one of the biggest knock out ratio in heavyweight history, he made Millions of dollars, and they made a human size statue of the man. In which he did all of this in a boxing career that didn’t start until he was 19.

    • kobie camp says:

      @Fergarzz Strong High heels?

  10. Out of the box says:

    Rolly a true star. Love him or hate him this kid makes it to the very top as long as he stays focused

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