Roman Reigns Ends The Bloodline As We Know It | WWE SmackDown Highlights 6/2/23 | WWE on USA

Roman Reigns Ends The Bloodline As We Know It | WWE SmackDown Highlights 6/2/23 | WWE on USA

The Bloodline enters new territory. WWE SmackDown Highlights 6/2/23. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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45 Responses

  1. Tihetris Weathersby says:

    This was the best segment in a while, Jimmy and Roman delivered this well

  2. Spencer Frederick says:

    Freakin’ LOVED Jey’s off-mic reaction to Jimmy pushing Roman “IT DONT HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT”.
    That’s an abused family member believing he’s saying that to stop more fighting, but that desperation in his yell screams “dude, he will F***ING KILL us! Stop it!” So heartbreaking

  3. CarsonsChannel says:

    Solo was really going through all the dialogue options. 😂

  4. Jack Strider says:

    The way Roman just stared down Jey and Jey kept looking away, looking down, like an animal who gets beaten is such great storytelling. It’s been said before, this is Jey’s story. He started this whole thing with Roman. He should be the one who brings it to an end at last.

  5. Travis Turner says:

    Roman really is the best at storytelling he just engages in physiological warfare like no other you can genuinely feel the emotions & his facial expressions always on point

  6. Metasota says:

    this is genuinely the best storyline since Stone Cold/Vince to me. The thought, the time, the detail, the callbacks, the intention, the way we connect to it… this is the wrestling we’ve been screaming at WWE to give us for over a decade.

  7. Kerry Dowling says:

    Can’t wait for this to expand. Jimmy and Jey going to cost Roman the titles. Jey going to be the one to finally deliver the kick.

  8. SkolZone says:

    Without the bloodline wrestling is just wrestling. Thank you to whoever is making this story from start to whenever it’s finished!

    • D Smith says:

      Who do you see beating him for the title? Someone that they’re going to keep atleast 5 months as champ lol

    • Janabi says:

      @D Smith couple months to around a year reign is pretty normal, i mean there isn’t gonna be anyone who could hold the titles past 500ish days from what i see. roman’s making history, and whoever beats him will make history but they’re prolly also gonna lose the belt to get into a feud.

    • Juggernaut says:

      @D SmithCody Rhodes or Drew mcintyre they both deserve a title reign

    • Urban says:

      Pretty sure it’s hhh doing it

    • Tippystir says:

      What’s wrong with wrestling being wrestling? We can live in a world where we have banger matches and also where there’s a good story for another program. Saying wrestling would just be wrestling is rather insulting to professional wrestlers who put their bodies on the line to make you forget your worries for 2-3 hours a night.

  9. Malp The G says:

    This has been the greatest storyline wwe has done in 10 years. So much emotion, and character development from Sami to now.

  10. Thechosenone787 says:

    This storyline came back to life. Just when it was getting stale it completely got reinvigorated.

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