Sean O’Malley KOs Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292

Sean O’Malley KOs Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292

Watch Sean O’Malley’s TKO finish of former champion Aljamain Sterling in the UFC 292 main event on Saturday.


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43 Responses

  1. CUFBOYS says:

    What an insane performance. So hyped for Sean wow

  2. Erick Khan says:

    Sean stuffed 2 attempts, used elite feints and got Aljo frustrated. He’s really that guy 🔥

    • Righteous says:

      Fight was stopped early.

    • Joel Kirchner says:

      @Righteousyou wanted bro to die?

    • Tanner Newrones says:

      @Righteous cmon buddy😂 aljo got folded by one right hand, and then ate about 15-20 hammerfist/ground and proud strikes before having enough and rolling onto his stomach. Once he is on his stomach he can’t defend him self bc he can not see the strikes. Great stoppage. Sean haters would rather have fighters with brain damage then Sean with the belt😂 WE UP

    • xorry77 says:

      @Righteousmaybe slightly but aljo was done and all his fans are gonna use that excuse as a crutch🥴

    • Righteous says:

      @Joel Kirchner die with what? skippity paps? lol

  3. Vorusen says:

    What a hard working, funny, and deserving champion. He goes for highlights knockouts and got the championship with one.

  4. Tyler James says:

    He said he was going to be Champion. Never doubted for one moment. Love you, Sean!

  5. RatedE forEveryone says:

    Do this more often ! literally no harm comes from uploading a fight after it’s over ,it just brings more eyes on the fight , look at the numbers this video has . Doesn’t even have to be the whole fight just show the finishes more often .🥊👏🏽

    • Jose Perez says:

      This is 100% a marketing strategy. Dana is trying to make Sean the next moneymaker.

    • Kryptonite 365 says:

      @Jose Perez dana pimps them good. makes them his buddy and builds them up. he might have a great run as champ (or not). but dana just sees dollar signs lmao

    • Colin B says:

      First time they did it and its only cuz its sean o malley

    • RatedE forEveryone says:

      100% there’s a reason why their doing this after Sean’s fight and they probably won’t be doing it again anytime soon , but I always thought they should. I don’t even think it would affect ppv sales since most people watching want to see it live . So i really think they should post the fights right after they happen more often

    • Ha kr says:

      If they uploaded the izzy ko of pereira or jorge’s ko of askren the minute they happened, it would’ve done waaay more of huge numbers , i really dont know why they never do it

  6. DarkTemper says:

    Goosebumps! Straight goosebumps. Watching Sean come up from nothing and rooting for him all the way gives me such a great feeling!!!!! What an amazing fighter. Much support and love from me and my family!

  7. Capull says:

    Sean O’ Malley is like the character we created in the UFC game

  8. Jacob Smith says:

    The respect he showed to Aljamain after the fight shows a lot of who Sean is.

    • AllGTG says:

      True. I did love when he said “Idk if it was a mistake or if im just that fuckin good!” I love this dude.

  9. Boss says:

    His uncelebrated walk off even after huge KO victory is Such a badass attitude.

  10. Chase Chevy says:

    A wise man once said, “Precision beats power and timing beats speed”.

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