Stephen A. Smith reacts to Damian Lillard being traded to the Bucks

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Damian Lillard being traded to the Bucks

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41 Responses

  1. Elstingray Twyman says:

    Glad to see the smaller market do what it takes to keep their star

    • Adrian Smith says:

      Especially since the way people don’t want small market teams to win. The way, the media and certain people in the Basketball/Sports World talks down on the small market teams/small city, as if building brand new franchise and their market is a cardinal sin.

    • Ron Gooden says:

      ⁠@Adrian Smithwould you rather live in Charlotte, North Carolina or Los Angeles, California? You answer will make you the same as everyone else. It has nothing to do with people not wanting them to win. We just realistically know that they will rarely win big because they’re not desirable places for stars to go

    • ManilaLife says:

      The NBA didn’t saw this one coming.😂 Giannis really did his part of talking about how it takes to win another championship then make a decision to have training with Hakeem. Milwaukee pull the trigger to make it happen.

    • Adrian Smith says:

      @Ron Gooden fair point!

    • Soldier09 says:

      If only Cleveland did that for Lebron his 1st 7 years in Cleveland

  2. Retro_CNY says:

    It’s a great fit for Dame. Dame wanted to goto Miami to play with Jimmy and because of the market, but Miami didn’t really have anything to offer to Portland and apparently didn’t get very far in trade talks. Portland did right by their franchise and they did right by Dame too, because above all else, Dame wanted to compete for a title and he wanted some help. Now he’s got it. He’ll be able to do that in Milwaukee if their key pieces stay healthy throughout the upcoming season. In my view, they’re the immediate favorites in the east, even over Boston in my eyes. If they make a deep playoff run or get to the finals this year, I see no reason why Dame wouldn’t fulfil the remainder of his contract in Milwaukee. He’s a loyal dude, stayed with Portland for years longer than he should’ve. And it goes without saying that Giannis is gonna be super stoked to play with Dame. A lot of savvy vets on this team now.

    • Connor Smith says:

      Yeah If Miami had a little more to Ofer they’d have dame but we don’t need dame cuz we been to ecf4 years in a row and the finals twice so dame gone but never desperately needed him

    • Grady Edwards says:

      @Connor Smithi disagree. You guys cannot win the best of a seven game series in the finals without a player like a dame Lillard. Either that or hero gotta become a star. You don’t have enough right now to win it. You have enough to get there. Y’all got a solid squad and I do like your team though

    • Prince Blacksta IV says:

      It’s not really about Miami having nothing to offer. Because let’s be honest. Bucks package isn’t anything special. It’s the 3rd team involved that changed everything. And teams just weren’t willing to help Miami out as 3rd party

    • BLUE NOTEz says:

      You typed a essay

    • Smooth Operator says:

      @BLUE NOTEz a soliloquy, evennn!!!

  3. Channel Name says:

    “The bad news” is that the trade was to the Milwaukee Bucks. This is why the NBA will always be outclassed by the NFL. No NFL analyst says “the bad news” is someone went to Green Bay or Cleveland, unless it was for football reasons. Half of these NBA analysts won’t even try to hide their complete disdain for small market teams…

    • Arnabi Arnab says:

      Thank you….. for some reason these “Analysts” think players only care about big market. Outside of LA, every big market team sucks (Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Rockets) and barely get free agents

    • Brian Batz says:

      Analysts want them to go to big markets because it means more ratings for the show because of the bigger audience.

    • James Miller says:

      Which has influenced the casuals which there might be more casual fans of the NBA than of any other sport. The complete, total, and utter dumbass shit I have read people say about this trade in the last 12 hours just boggles the mind.

      Went from ‘well he’s only going to play for Miami anyway’ to ‘ well the Lakers still have 17 championships’ REAL quick.

    • James Miller says:

      ​@brianbatz957 ratings will be massive if Milwaukee’s in the finals.
      Yes if Taylor Swift or Drake happened to be fucking one of the players at the time and are courtside there will be more casual audience staring at the TV while it happens but that’s never something that crosses the mind of a basketball fan.

      But the cross-section between fans of the game of basketball and fans of the NBA is a lot smaller than I think people realize. Fucking weird.

    • Jerome Williams says:

      So you listened to him an still didn’t understand what he said😂 he said “the bad news is he went to Milwaukee an not the knicks” mean he’s upset NY didn’t get him

  4. threeteeflee says:

    This is definitely a blessing in disguise for Dame. I wanted him to be in Miami and felt Portland owed it to him for his loyalty but this is a far better fit for him and being able to play with someone as dominant as Giannas should do far more for him than Miami could have.

    • M says:

      It’s not even a disguise. It’s a blessing 95% of the players would love to have

    • John Strika says:

      Owed him for what? For winning absolutely NOTHING his entire career? He got PAID. That’s all they owed him.

    • Cyber Tutorials says:

      @John Strika Because he’s one of their best players of all time lmao. Go look at what they paired him up with in Portland. His best co-star was CJ McCollum. Can’t blame someone for not winning when thats the best the front office can do. He probably wins a ring with Milwaukee this year to be honest. They’re easily the favorites to come out of the east now.

    • SSHHIIIEEETT says:

      @John Strikawhy did he sign that extension? Because in an interview with Dame right next to him Cronin said “we’re dedicated to build a winning roster around Dame” Dame proceeds to have a career year & they sit him for the last 20+ games of the season to tank. If Dame knew that shit was going happen he wouldn’t have signed the extension. How can people be so oblivious? They did owe him. Because he coulda went anywhere he wanted & gave the blazers nothing in return if he didn’t sign that extension with promises.

    • Empyrean says:

      Yea Butler is cool but not ultimately it. And Bam is overrated. Bucks are better for Dame.

  5. Calvin Perkins says:

    I think all three teams came out with a W in this trade to be honest. I think they all got better for the immediate future. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

  6. bruce lau says:

    great move for both teams absolutely,
    W for the Bucks in this trade 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Kimmy Granger (WaitingFor You) says:

    The Blazers did right by themselves, and right by Dame
    The idea that if he doesn’t get everything he ever wanted, they screwed him over is BLASPHEMOUS!
    He now has the best chance at a ring he’s ever had, or ever will have.
    The Blazers don’t own him a damn thang but a shot at being a winner. Mission Accomplished!yougotthis

  8. mrcooldeadly85 says:

    SAS is just like everyone else. They wanted him in a Big Market like your MIA, NY, LA and etc. This is honestly a win for Small Market teams. Dame with Giannis will be great to see.

  9. Joey Lewis says:

    I’m sad to see Dame go, but if I could have hand picked a team for him to be traded to it would have been the Bucks. I’ll always root for my Blazers, but this year I’ll also be rooting for the Bucks! Go get that ring Dame!

  10. tayvaun miller says:

    I know Dame wanted to go to miami but he is a good fit for bucks and giannis 🙏🏾👍🏾

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