Sean Strickland thought beating Israel Adesanya ‘would be a lot harder’ | UFC 293

Sean Strickland thought beating Israel Adesanya ‘would be a lot harder’ | UFC 293

Megan Olivi speaks with new middleweight champion Sean Strickland after his upset win vs. Israel Adesanya at UFC 293 in Sydney, Australia.

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40 Responses

  1. Ives says:

    Sean Strickland beating Israel Adesanya by unanimous decision is just insane, one of the most shocking upsets in the contemporary MMA scene, MMA’s such a crazy unpredictable sport

  2. JJ says:

    This guy don’t know how much he means to the world right now. Respect!!

  3. Tom Möckel says:

    People need to understand that this man is a lot more intelligent than most would assume… A champion with heart and brain…great job Sean

  4. Mma Shinobi says:

    Most impressive thing to me was, at the end of the fight, Sean was not even tired at all, he was ready for another 5 rounds easy, and Izzy was very fatigued & close to being done. Great job new champ, you deserve that gold!

    • Henry Ch says:

      That’s what I was saying. During round 5 I was literally telling my buddies that Stricklands toughest battle is the judges. He literally stayed focus and didn’t overcommit knowing Izzy was hoping and praying for overcommitment.

    • ArlindBlaze says:

      Izzy didn’t wanna be in there in the fifth round man. Dude turned away from shots and ran away from him at times. He got humbled fr

  5. Treninator3000 says:

    Shaun may not show it now, but in 15 years he’ll be very proud of what he’s accomplished. Incredible performance.

  6. Renoir says:

    this guy is the definition of living in the moment, you can be rank #15 taking on the champion for the belt and he knows that all it takes is one moment, although his performance tonight is the opposite. he completely dominate israel but he still keeps it real because he knows that being the champion means almost nothing since the next fight could stripped it off him, just like what happened to israel. dude boosting about defeating alex even though his record against alex is literally 1-3, he got humbled by sean fast

    • Chad says:

      He was ranked 5th

    • The Taco says:

      Adesanya is a fake fighter at this point. His game plan isn’t creative and he relies too much on distance striking instead of countering which is what he’s good at. Adesanya lost to the better man and the world is thrilled about it.

    • Jonas says:

      Bro who are you to judge how izzy should feel and talk about his record with Alex lmao. How confused can you be to make comparisons between fighters that have a total different history and personality

    • YeezusFreezus says:

      ​@The Tacousing your brain is a crime now 😂

  7. Troy Man says:

    Sean’s cardio is actually insane. He looked like he could go another 10 rounds.

  8. Taimur Qureshi says:

    Sean was so technical defensively. It was like striking and boxing 101. So clean

  9. Chris Redhand says:

    He is everything I wish I could have been when it mattered. I hope kids out there recognise what this guy has done. Streets to highlights, in a can. Congratulations Sean kid. ❤

  10. Mr.MikeBarksdale says:

    It is a physical representation of the highest honor in MMA, Mr. Strickland. It isn’t just for you. Imagine all the thousands of men who fight professionally and win a few, lose a few. They will never see such an honor. Their souls are in that belt. “For the rest of your life, no one can tell you that you couldn’t do it” was how Bill Parcells phrased it. It is the greatest honor we can give you, and it couldn’t be given to a more worthy man. Carry it with pride, because when you do, it tells all of us–who will never even come close to such mythic levels–that anything is possible. If you can do that, we see that we can fight our own battles and win.

    Congratulations, Mr. Strickland, on one of the finest championship performances, and one of the biggest upsets in combat sports history.

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