Sean Strickland Octagon Interview | UFC 293

Sean Strickland Octagon Interview | UFC 293

Sean Strickland speaks with Daniel Cormier after defeating middleweight king, Israel Adesanya in the UFC 293 main event on Saturday. Strickland becomes the 13th undisputed UFC middleweight champion.


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39 Responses

  1. Robin Morales says:

    It’s not just that he won, it’s how he won. He completely shut down Izzy, and he did it while going forward. I never saw this coming. Wow. Sean proved everyone wrong.

  2. 51UM says:

    Imagine the whole world doubting you and you prove everyone wrong. I know he proved me wrong, absolutely deserved victory. MMA history.

  3. Jay Brice says:

    I really like Sean. But I honestly didn’t think he had a chance in Hell. What an incredible performance. The guy is an absolute warrior.

  4. Joe_MMA195 says:

    This is why this sport is so amazing. I would have never predicted that Strickland would completely out strike Izzy for 5 rounds straight. This is easily the most unpredictable sport in existence.

  5. ゆうなか says:

    He came to Australia as a challenger and crowds got wild after he won
    What a man 🏆

  6. Joshua M says:

    Congratulations! Such a real guy, no bs speech, straight honesty , earned it

  7. Ali Koca says:

    The hero we needed 💯

  8. Ghost says:

    Beating him like this is way more impressive then a lucky KO ❤️

  9. Elias says:

    This was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in the UFC.

    Beating Izzy by points and winning 4 rounds is nearly impossible. Even a tall kickbox world Champion like Alex Pereira lost the rounds before he knocked out Izzy.

    Adesanya is huge for the MW division while Strickland fought at Welterweight.
    Beating Izzy with a range difference like this, while nearly making it impossible to get hit by him, outstriked him almost by 3 times when it comes to headstrikes.
    Incredible, nobody saw that coming the only tiny chance people gave Sean was if he would wrestle.

  10. Carlos Rogério says:

    Não sei porque!!! Gosto desse cara UFC TEM QUE TER MAIS CARAS ASSIM

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