Search continues for Gabby Petito’s fiancé as his family calls discovery of body “heartbreaking”

Search continues for Gabby Petito’s fiancé as his family calls discovery of body “heartbreaking”

After the FBI announced a body “consistent with the description” of Gabby Petito was found in Wyoming, her fiancé’s family released a statement through their lawyer saying, “The Laundrie family prays for the Petito family.” Police have called Brian Laundrie a “person of interest” in the case. CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan joins CBSN AM from outside the Laundrie family’s home as the search for him continues.

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55 Responses

  1. heather lynsey says:

    Wherever his parents say he is, look the complete opposite direction of that.

  2. zoedarc says:

    He is NOT at the nature preserve – he just wants the police to waste time searching there

    • Claire Elizabeth says:

      100% just a way to confuse police.

    • KP2010 says:

      @Dean Kenney The better question is how did he leave that house without being noticed??

    • KP2010 says:

      @Debra Mason Yes they do. We don’t have basements.

    • Gary Graves says:

      @Tristin Von Hoff So you believe the same people that hired a lawyer & helped him hide would be telling the truth about his whereabouts? Make a little sense before making a comment!!!!

    • Tristin Von Hoff says:

      @Gary Graves Never said I believed them now did I? Nice job putting words in my mouth. What I said was its not a waste of time searching in an area that is the only area of interest in the investigation right now. The police still have go search it… Boom. Goodbye.

  3. Carol Bonnell says:

    Don’t understand why you guys keep saying that he’s missing when everybody knows he ran off!

  4. k c says:

    Theres no way this guy is still in the country. Shame on his parents for covering for him.

  5. Mrs Green says:

    His family is just as full of it as he is.

    • Pinkie Love says:

      @NationalPartyCat You do realize she was covering for him experts even say that’s what women usually do when they are abused …It’s actually what some men do to ….she didn’t want to get him in trouble.. You can tell the way she was distraught ,The main reason why the cops broke them up that night…The smartest thing she would’ve done just left for home right then and there…He would have no problem getting a plane ticket from their .. But instead like the average battered woman or man they stay together that can cost you your life… So if you ever get in a situation like that learn from her mistake… You don’t play around like oh I love him I love him of course you love him you’re always going to love the person ,,you spent years with,,, I still love my girlfriends from 20 something years ago Every single one of them it’s part of me ,, it becomes part of who you are ..And I’m sure this wasn’t the first Physical and mental argument they had.. But when cops get called like that ,, it’s a sure sign To separate permanently and immediately..

    • isaiah says:

      Blood family always got your back. Now thats

    • Alan luscombe8a says:

      @Jordy Perez yeah none of it makes sense if he is really innocent. I know if my wife vanished I would not be doing what he is unless I was hiding something

    • Corey Alden says:

      And you are as full of it as they are.

  6. Troy Ebron says:

    So the police were not keeping an eye on him before he skipped town?

    • Suz Q says:

      @K they don’t need any help making themselves look bad

    • M SS says:

      That’s the most stupid thing police could never ever do…simply not understandable

    • Jema Gilsenan says:

      Feel that the police failed gabby massively, I watched the bodycam footage and felt that she resembled a typical victim of DV and police took her for suspect instead of a victim in need, now they failed her once again by letting him skip town RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES!!! I feel the police could have done more… RIP gabby and I pray for the Petitio family, their loss will never be replaced

    • Blakkk SkkkinHead says:

      He’s white.. Of Course Not

    • Popular Loner says:

      That’s if the coward doesn’t commit suicide!

  7. Hi There says:

    His parents called and reported him missing? He isn’t missing. He’s on the run and his parents are leading police on a wild goose chase.

  8. Jennifer Green says:

    If his parents are pointing in the direction he went, you can bet he went the opposite way. 😡

    • Yusuf Ginnah says:

      @Maniac50AE Everybody has their own journey and experiences that shaped them and I most certainly have mine.
      I guess it would take trauma happening directly to you, for you to realize what’s obvious to many others…
      I’m tired of spinning my wheels here with you.
      Have a nice life 😎👍🏼

    • Yusuf Ginnah says:

      @Arcanum of the Craft Yeah, everything about this chain of events is sus.

    • Yusuf Ginnah says:

      @Pinkie Love I agree. But on various comments across multiple videos regarding Gabby, the trolls have been out in force and even openly mocking the ordeal her loved ones are living through right now.
      It just becomes too much sometimes…

    • Maniac50AE says:

      @𝚖𝚘𝚘𝚗 Parroting an overused word like “cringey” and feeling clever about it is whats really sad.

    • Maniac50AE says:

      @Yusuf Ginnah Hey, im not a therapist or counselor, i dont care about your lifes trauma. You accused people of aiding and abetting and i just want to know what evidence you have for that? You are slandering a families name with no facts to back it up, but go ahead and play victim

  9. Alexis Lopez says:

    Wait a minute, they found that poor girls body and now he’s magically missing and he’s still just a person of interest. I think it’s safe to call him a prime suspect.

  10. Mushu momma says:

    He’s definitely not missing. He killed her and ran away. This story makes me so angry. If he hated being with her so much, just leave the relationship. That poor woman.

    • Jane Doe says:


    • Laurent Alexsis🧏‍♀️ says:

      *(◍•ᴗ•◍)✧.18 YEARS AND OVER* 🍑❤

      #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

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