Season 1 Episode 4 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

Season 1 Episode 4 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

New episodes premiere Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO Max.

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50 Responses

  1. Tim Cielinski says:

    This show just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Michelle Spillane says:

    This show is fab so far. Daemon fighting in the battle was epic.

  3. Juan Jon says:

    Daemon’s epic command and Laenor riding Seasmoke’s were beyond stunning! Woah!

    • Juan Jon says:

      @Violet Greer I don’t know about a hater like you, at least if I’m a bot, I do know how to spell “consumers”😄

    • Liana says:

      @Joel Embiid’s official burner account give it some time, ep3 was necessary for the story to develop

    • Reymond Adelfa says:

      But Laenor’s Dracarys are no chill. No one gives me goosebumps like Daenerys’ Dracarys

    • Peter Olsson says:

      @hellfish2309 In the books leanor was a dragon rider so this sticks to the lore and is cannon, if you have a problem with it talk to the author who wrote him as a dragon rider

  4. Winterfang says:

    Daemon got reborn in this episode. He faced real combat, not by flying on a dragon look smug but by starting at death in the face

  5. Tihetris Weathersby says:

    I’m rooting for Daemon, He’s a strong character

  6. dipankar Joshi says:

    Daemon targaryen clearly now the best character of the show. Gosh he killed it in the last 10 mins of the ep

  7. Peter Retep says:

    The rogue prince is the creator’s best character. They’ve been doing him justice so far!!!

  8. Lies Fern says:

    This shows actually a banger so far, I know the events are moving quickly but it’s because we’re only following maybe a couple perspectives compared to the numerous perspectives in GOT. I hope this show does well cause so far I’m impressed

    • James Snow says:

      @Thatbrownguy The source material isn’t even a novel from lots of peoples perspectives like GoT either. It’s more like a third party recalling the timeline out of a history book. So I agree, they’re doing a good job filling in the gaps so far.

    • Louis Romero says:

      @Hiiro Yuy no its because this is all literally setting up the actual drama. All this is rushed because we are nowhere near what the show it about.

    • Emilys Lightbringer says:

      You’re only following one big story

    • Josh Newell says:

      Also the events of this story take place over about 30-40 years, as opposed to GOT which is just a handful of years

    • silverblade357 says:

      Right. This is also a one or two season show, right? No time for all that usual filler.

  9. ÑÀÑDHÅ KÜMÄR says:

    House of Dragon is getting better day by day or episode by episode. I can’t get enough of the house of Dragon series😍

  10. Miloš Bekić says:

    Can we all appreciate how awesome is Paddy’s (Viserys) acting. He keeps getting better from episode to episode. Even in this trailer, when he says Eyes. Flawless acting.

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