travel + prep with me for a Brazilian Butt Lift | packing necessities, pre op, the night before

travel + prep with me for a Brazilian Butt Lift | packing necessities, pre op, the night before

Welcome to nat’s life lmao.



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Age- 19
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Thanks for watching ily 💓

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31 Responses

  1. Nathaly Cuevas says:

    thank you so much to everyone who is extremely respectful about the decisions I make with MY body! I appreciate your love and support so much <3 I was perfect before and im gonna be even better after. I know I didn't "need it" no one needs any cosmetic surgery. but I chose to get it 💞

  2. niyxaah says:

    I love how she’s so transparent about everything and how jake is always by her side 🤍🤍

  3. victoria samuel says:

    one thing about nat is that she’s always honest with us and she’ll never stop being that way 🥹

  4. Lauren Serrano says:

    As a born and raised Houstonian, Nathaly’s reaction to the Houston heat killed me 💀 and the way she pronounced H‑E‑B 😭😭 but on a real note, she looks beautiful and I can’t wait to watch the next video!!!

  5. valeria l says:

    it was so disgusting to see how many females were bashing Nat on TikTok. It’s not that she’s changed, she’s older and has become more mature. Of course she’s not going to be that same 15 year old we would watch. It’s her body, not ours. If she has the income for it, then so let her be♥️

  6. adriana rabadan says:

    i saw all the comments on tiktok regarding your body and it made me so sad that everyone was being so hateful over someone else’s decisions and body! whatever makes you happy, makes us all very happy!! proud you are able to do this for yourself!

  7. Liz says:

    One of my favorite things about her is her honesty, like she will never lie to us I love how she’s just straight forward with us

  8. Valeria Aceves says:


  9. AYEitsAnna says:

    I’m so happy that you felt confident and comfortable enough to share your experience and was able to do this regardless of backlash you might get, don’t forget you’ve got supporters that love you and your content!!! I’m so happy for you!!! ❤

  10. eee_sme says:

    your results are literally amazing!!😍😍 thank you for being so real with us even how hard it was to reveal this with us. we love you nat

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