Season 2 Trailer | Overwatch 2

Season 2 Trailer | Overwatch 2

The battle gets bigger in Season 2!

On December 6, Overwatch 2’s first tempo tank Ramattra joins the fray, taking down enemies with his dynamic and lethal ability kit.

Battle with or against Ramattra on a brand new Escort map set high in the Himalayan peaks that takes Overwatch gameplay to frigid new heights.

An all-new Battle Pass offers more ways to play and earn mighty rewards, including epic, legendary, and mythic skins fit for the Greek Gods.

Drop into in-season events to experience fresh new and festive gameplay with limited time modes and free rewards.

Learn more about Overwatch 2’s biggest content update since launch:

Overwatch 2 is free to play for everyone on console & PC
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22 Responses

  1. Tyrillium says:

    I really like the part where Blizzard didn’t nerf the skin prices, truly a Overwatch 2 moment

    • Malinkadink says:

      @Super Smile Yeah its insane, used to be able to get everything by just grinding the game and getting lucky on loot boxes, even if that failed eventually you got enough credits to buy the skin like that. $20 for a single skin? I bought multiple AAA titles these past few weeks for $10 a piece, an entire bloody game for half the price of a whack skin.

    • B. B says:

      @Super Smile Exactly. I’ve been playing since 2016 and sure, 10 bucks for a limited time League skin was reasonable but 20+ for skins now when they never even prepared us for how much they were going to hike prices in the sequel game is crazy. I haven’t bought anything yet in OW2 and while the skins for this next season looks cool, I kind of have things to prioritize when it comes to spending money. Unlike some ppl in the comments apparently

    • Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】 says:

      @Michael Venablethat’s the wrong rat definition of art I’ve ever heard. I honestly didn’t even think you could really define something like art wrong, but you found a way

    • Macvadda says:

      @The Dude my brother in Christ theres 319 replies, you expect me to remember that

    • Jsleezy-_- says:

      Don’t buy em simple.

  2. SirSanic 01 says:

    I liked the part where Ashe said “Bob, do something!” And Bob proceeded to rob the enemy team’s wallets instead of shoot them. Truly one of the blizzard moments

  3. EliotJG says:

    I love the part when Junkrat says “Get ready for the shop!” and then blows up the skin prices

  4. TheNamesMango says:

    I loved the part where Ana said : “the prices are powered up! Go buy them!” Made me shed a tear, truly a Blizzard moment of all time

  5. Flabaja says:

    I loved the part where Reinhardt said “For honor and for your money” truly a deep meaningful overwatch 2 moment.

  6. 1967 Impala says:

    Loved the part where Lucio said “Let’s break down these prices” truly a memorable moment

  7. Metalman the Magnificent says:

    I was literally crying and shaking when Junkrat shouted “MONEY IN THE HOLE!” as he stole my wallet and flushed it down the toilet, truly one of the Overwatch 2 moments of all time.

  8. RomComGod says:

    I really loved the part when Sigma exclaimed, “The wallets sings for me!” and proceeds to rise all the cash from everyone’s wallet just for it to crash down into Blizzard’s bank account. Truly, an epic Overwatch 2 moment.

  9. Fbm says:

    I loved the part when they showed the skins and reaper said “Buy buy buy” truly one of the games of all time

  10. Xeno-Card says:

    I love the moment when Cassidy came out of nowhere and said “It’s High Priced…” truly an Overwatch 2 moment right there.

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