Season 4 Trailer | Overwatch 2

Season 4 Trailer | Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Season 4 launches April 11!

Blossom onto the battlefield with our newest Support Hero Lifeweaver, progress through the Battle Pass to earn rewards including Mythic Galactic Emperor Sigma, and fight for your faction when The Watchers and The Infinite Empire clash in the Starwatch event!

Explore Talantis, the first-ever map made in collaboration with the community.

Enjoy major quality-of-life updates with a revamped Competitive experience.

Overwatch 2 is free to play for everyone on console & PC!_
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40 Responses

  1. Peekay says:

    the sigma skin is absolutely incredible

  2. L Takara says:

    Love their philosophy and creations.
    Hate the obscene shop prices.

  3. Austin says:

    Idk about everyone else but hearing Efi, Mondatta, Winston Ramattra and Lifeweaver at the end gave me chills. Especially Mondatta and Ramattra

  4. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Ojalá hagan una mítica de tracer supongo que fue su logo por mucho tiempo no? Igual está temporada se ve genial solo digo jajaj

  5. kayla davis says:

    They really are building up Sigma’s skins! He had like two legendary skins in OW, glad they saw the need!

  6. senaka patel says:

    The Sigma skin just about gave me a heart attack, I love it so much. 100,000,000% going to grind for it.

  7. Cameron Sharp says:

    That brief bit of Sigma’s melody was everything

  8. Kiara Cantillo says:

    That Sigma skin is perfect, may be his best one to date. Love the Symmetra one too. Looks like it’ll be a very exciting season.

  9. Najelly says:

    y’all made Lucio a hunk of a prince thanks I love it

  10. Toast Sandwich says:

    That was such an amazing reference to Sigma’s origin story video, the way all the tiles fall into space.
    Incredible work.

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