Season 5: Reckoning Trailer | Halo Infinite

Season 5: Reckoning Trailer | Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s Season 5: Reckoning arrives on October 17! Season 5: Reckoning offers an all-new Battle Pass featuring Flood-inspired rewards, new maps, a new mode, and a sophisticated AI Toolkit for Forge. Coming later in Season 5, Firefight: King of the Hill offers a refreshing twist on the beloved co-op wave-survival mode.

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29 Responses

  1. J Fitz says:

    It’s amazing how a change in leadership can improve things.

    • corgi fanclub says:

      Explain about the change in leadership pls

    • Jaime M. De Lira says:

      Hace tiempo correrion a todos los grandes directivos principales de 343: Bonnie, Frank, etc. Ahora los líderes son aquellos quienes arreglaron la MCC.

    • Grinchilla says:


    • cornonfinger says:

      ​@corgifanclub6532 basically replaced everyone in upper management that totally fumbled Halo’s legacy with a new team.

      In the short time the new team was working on Infinite, we just had quality of life and long awaited features flying out the door when prior to that we had to wait ages just to get a “sorry, we not doing it”

    • SoldierGryphon says:

      @corgi fanclubEveryone in charge got fired last year. They put the person responsible for turning the MCC around in charge. And he’s been doing a great job.

  2. Deathtrooper 900 says:

    I’m glad that despite setbacks, 343 is refusing to give up. New leaders and new ideas are leading to a potential turnaround!

  3. mercy says:

    wow! they legit added everything i wanted to the game, haven’t played since season 2 so i’m very excited to come back. well done to all the devs and new leadership!

    • NEWGHOST9 says:

      There has been a lot added since you last played you’re gonna have a lot to do

    • Isui Gtz says:

      Since season 2? by the freakin rings. Season 3 was such a huge upgrade, and 4 was just amazing. Season 2 was absolute trash, so… from 2 to 5, you won’t even recognize this game. Mother of god.

  4. The Act Man says:


  5. TrueChaos56 says:

    I might actually return to the game. This is truly Legendary.

    • Poopyfartboi says:

      It’s already fun bro at least try it when the new season comes out there’s a mixed playlist featuring classics like Valhalla and waterworks and other OHG maps that look AND play really well in infinite.

  6. SkirmisherKalVT says:

    This looks amazing, I can’t wait for Season 5!

  7. mistaJ says:

    If there’s firefight then this will be the best season ever

  8. R-evolutionTV says:

    This is how Halo Infinite should always being, great job in leading the franchise in the right direction

  9. Shelburne says:

    This looks incredible and just in time because I just got two of my close buddies back into Halo this past week and we are all having a great time together again! Very curious what these two other armors on the left and right at the end are since they were clearly show casing Halo CE and Halo Infinite MARK models.

  10. Guy Person says:

    everything revealed was sick. And cross-core helmets is a good start. It all sounds so good. The change of leadership is very apparent

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