Apex Legends | Kill Code Part 3

Apex Legends | Kill Code Part 3

The Legends locate Revenant’s head, teaming up with an unlikely ally to secure it. But no heist goes as planned, and they find themselves in a battle for survival. Will they succeed, or is there more to this plot than they know?

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Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play* battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Origin for PC: http://x.ea.com/57366.

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Production Company: Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment
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43 Responses

  1. Loregasmo says:

    Revenant working with everyone in order to commit suicide is a wild storyline lol

  2. Isaiah Olivo says:

    An awesome detail is that at 3:21 the Reaper identifies Valkyrie as a Northstar titan, with Viper as the pilot.

    • RED says:

      Explain please, i didn’t play titan fall

    • Dean Kimball says:

      @REDvalk has the helmet of one of the most notorious Titan pilots from tf2.

    • A Skeleton says:

      @RED Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper, one of the original Apex Predators who worked with Blisk.
      After Cooper (the main character of Titanfall 2) killed him, Valkyrie recovered his Pilot helmet and salvaged his Northstar titan, using parts from it to construct her jetpack and rocket pods.
      As a result, her jetpack probably still has the original IFF built into it, leading the Reaper to incorrectly identify her as Viper’s Northstar titan and by extension, Viper.

    • Gamer boi says:

      @Dean Kimballit’s just a pilot, pilots operate titans, there’s no such thing as a “titan pilot”. That one short spread way too much misinfo actually that channel does in general.

    • IAmDom says:

      @Gamer boiIf they don’t know what Titanfall is, explaining it as a “titan pilot”, someone who pilots titans, makes sense. Because here in the real world, pilots fly aircraft.

  3. Lucifaye says:

    Can we just appreciate how Crypto and Lifeline used their Heirlooms? It’s amazing they’re finally including more of them in the Cinematics!

  4. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    I loved the part where loba is never on the same plan as the rest of the team resulting in a loss. Truly an apex experience

  5. Roshan M says:

    There needs to be a voiceline between Rev and Loba where after he uses her Black Market he says thanks by reminding her to close down the Black Market in his own unique petty way lol

    • Straight White Male says:

      I want this 😂

    • MervySh says:

      Oh! I want this! I’m a Loba main, one of those who closes the market. And nearly each time someone takes Loba away from me I’m going on Revenant. If Revenant would be able to remind those incompetent Lobas to close the market, I would be soooo happy.

    • MrAsaqe says:

      “I hope you are going to use that little toy of yours to bait some skinsuits and not just lose my head, again ”

      “That little toy of yours is bad luck, got your parents and kept me breathing for all these years”

    • LadyAckerman says:

      Wow real! Haha, I really want that in the game!😂

    • oreo says:

      I support that

  6. tth says:

    It’s cool to see valk’s angle on going against loba. She was so hellbent on revenge for her father for so long that she had nothing but that. Then when finally confronting blisk she learns that it’s only holding her back and decides that it’s better to let go of the past. Valk and loba have very similar pasts if you think about it, the main difference is that valk moves on and honors her father while loba clings into hatred and focuses hurting rev rather than the actual loss of her parents. You see this in valk’s actions because they are fueled with very love for loba. But loba is too blinded that she sees this as a betrayal on valk’s behalf. She even did this with Bangalore during the season 9 comic when Bangalore rejects Loba’s feelings, she saw that as a betrayal as well and is now more cold towards her. Valk sees that pattern in loba because Valk also saw it within herself and is trying to break the cycle even if it means helping rev because she understands that it’s more important to heal and move on then obsess over hatred.

  7. The Charging Turtle says:

    There’s no way they failed because Loba forgot to break her black market 💀

  8. MOROCUDA says:

    I love how Revevnant is just casually working with people to end his misery. 😂

  9. Graf Zipline I says:

    It’s very hard to watch a team that everyone knows get caught on a secret mission because someone didn’t disguise themselves.

    • A_boring _Male says:

      Definitely for plot purposes, but also, to possibly sell skins (especially since lifeline doesn’t change her space buns…)

  10. lophi says:

    interesting to see loba put a hand on her handgun when valk had the head. Loba was potentially willing to shoot valk for her father’s killer’s head

    • The Armoured Alchemist says:

      Not even her fathers killer. Just the gun. She never thought of who controlled revenant and wanted their deaths.

    • Penguiking says:

      ​@The Armoured Alchemistwatch it turn out to be octane’s Dad and and the syndicate

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