Secret Life: Episode 2 – MORE DOORS FOR ME!

Secret Life: Episode 2 – MORE DOORS FOR ME!

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Welcome to the next life series, secret life! We have 30 hearts per life, no regen and a whole bunch of secrets! If you would like to suggest a task, leave it in the comments! Remember we are looking for social interactions and funny content.

We can do /gift to give away 1 free heart per session.

Mumbo Jumbo:

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35 Responses

  1. Grian says:

    Fun fact – Sessions 1 & 2 were recorded on the same day because of twitch con, so you won’t see any viewer suggestions in this episode. But starting from episode 3 you will start seeing suggestions! Please keep them coming! Now that I have your attention with behind the curtain information check out the here:

  2. Super Kid says:

    Task idea: Become the most annoying door to door salesmen as possible. The goal: make sure they don’t actually buy anything from you

    • Tashuna Gray says:


    • the_dexman says:

      the issue with that is it punishes going along with the bit; someone might lose just because another player thinks it’s funny to agree.

      Alternative: Sell 3 people items that they otherwise would NEVER want.

      Still gives the snake oil salesman vibes but makes the goal to actually convince people, which is more interesting than hoping nobody accepts or just withholding the product. Could use a pricing clause to make sure you can’t just give away free stuff.

    • tumblingartist says:

      I love the idea of being an anti-businessman!

    • Jay’s Daily says:

      This is so goood

    • Carrot says:

      Annoying saleskall

  3. Dark Pawz says:

    Task Idea – Only eat inconvenient foods for the whole session. Examples: rotten flesh, raw potatoes, cake, any soups ect

  4. Cronotac says:

    – Create an alliance with at least 3 others and then immediately abandon it
    – Create a rift in another alliance
    – Alter someone else’s base in a major way (changing the color palette, moving part of it, changing the shape) without getting caught
    – Gift a heart to someone else and later punch them to take it away
    – Convince someone to give you a heart and immediately take damage in front of that person
    – Join every alliance that exists and be in all of them at once (hard challenge)
    – Become Solidarity’s bodyguard for 30 minutes (if he takes any damage you fail)
    – Obtain a full set of armour from other players by convincing them to give pieces to you (you must receive already crafted armour and not the materials to make it)
    – Keep two other players in the same place at each other for 5 minutes, if they catch on, start again with different people
    – Trick 3 people into thinking they’re about to be attacked by a mob by yelling “WATCH OUT” or “BEHIND YOU” when there’s actually no threat around

  5. otter says:

    the terror in grians voice finding out that wasn’t bigb’s task

  6. Dizzycat says:

    Task idea: hold a party for stone buttons and get 3 attendees

  7. Scratch says:

    Task Idea: Give a player a tour around their own base.

  8. Tigg_15 says:

    Task suggestion:
    Find someone to follow without them knowing for 5 or 10 mins and narrate what they are doing the whole time.

  9. Tacostorm2 says:

    Task idea: Convince any amount of other players to give you a total of 15 unique items.

  10. user7 says:

    Certain things in life: death, taxes and Jimmy being out first in a life series

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