The Inside Guys React to LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s First Matchup Since 2018 | NBA on TNT

The Inside Guys React to LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s First Matchup Since 2018 | NBA on TNT

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49 Responses

  1. Ethan says:

    Already classic shaq chuck back and forth plus “do you need mouth to mouth?” 😂

  2. Michael Thomson says:

    In case you were wondering, Chuck is 29th with 23757 pts.

  3. Bill Blaski says:

    Both Suns and Lakers were cold in the 4th. And D’Angelo with yet another horrible shooting performance 😢

  4. Joshua Fult says:

    The Lakers major weakness is they don’t have a guard who can create offense consistently.

  5. Hollis Jones says:

    Every time Shaq raise that cup, it’s always something 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. JuJu Beatz says:

    when Barkley said to Kenny giving him mouth to mouth…you know Shaq desperately wanted to make a Dwight Howard joke but instead he drank his tea so he wouldn’t get in trouble 😂 Even Ernie was looking at Shaq like you better not say Dwight’s name 🤣😂

  7. Brother JAAY says:

    This show is the ONLY REASON why I pay my cable bill.

  8. The Dark Knight Racist says:

    that’s classic Prime Lebron at the last minute, unstoppable drive and scores.

  9. Abhimanyu Patil says:

    Kenny and Chuck speaking fax only easy wins for the Lakers in the West are Portland, San Antonio, Houston and Utah. Utah and San Antonio might not be half-bad also.

    • MultiMemich says:

      There are no easy wins that they can count on. Yes, there will be wins with big leads even against better teams than those, Lakers have a few players that will have amazing games throughout the season, but they are all very inconsistent.

    • flylillady says:

      But chuck keep saying the Lakers are top 3 team 😂😂😂 Denver, phoenix and Lakers. Which one is it

  10. T B says:

    Shaq is 100% correct, if the Lakers want to be the team to beat, can’t be going down to the end with any team. You had Phoenix with two of its stars on the bench and you at a full bench and had to go down to the end. Still have 80 games to go; the point that was being made by everyone is real. You can’t be close to a team like Phoenix especially when there short two big pieces got to put them away early. Now on the flip side, you playing KD, and the Suns are loaded. It was a good game to watch and the guy’s points are validated.

    • Matt says:

      bruh KD is on the floor. its never going to be easy

    • T B says:


    • HVBR Slice of Life says:

      they all had a point. Shaq is correct in saying that when a team like Phoenix is short-handed, Lakers should be putting them away early to give Lebron a rest. Kenny and Chuck also are correct in saying there are no easy teams in the West except for Portland. But that just makes Shaq’s point stronger. Since there’s no easy teams in the west, you gotta take advantage when you meet one of them at less than full strength.

    • Divine Departure says:

      @HVBR Slice of Life faxxxx

    • 34blackula says:

      @HVBR Slice of Life Shaq also tried to slip in there just because they have Lebron and AD they should be believing that anyway. That’s what Chuck and Kenny was pushing back on the most.

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