IT was Time to call in Tom Lamb
If You Want Steel then give Barret Steel a go, Been sorting me out for Years
Get your Phase 2 Mining Tee’s before they come of sale

Toms channel


Track 1 is called “United Staes of Generica” by “MC16”

Track 2 is called “Totalitarian” by ‘Murica”

Track 3 is called “44 Calibre Man” by “Primitive State”

Track 4 is called Dolce and Gabbana” by “Galivantes”

Last 2 tracks are by “Subtastics

In a Band?? all my music is from veiwers so send your tracks to furzemail&

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36 Responses

  1. 2 Much ColinFurze says:

    Here we go with the 2nd update but what else do you want to see, i’m doing my best to make these videos feel a lot different from the main ones and not use clips in both but let me know what to see in these BTS update videos. Thanks to Barrett steel for helping out with the steel, this one needs a lot more strenght adding which means a lot of steel so show em some love.

    • BurningArrow says:

      Loving the video but please start wearing a helmet

    • Derek Kopec says:

      Any update you give us is golden, mate. This whole second channel is already fantastic. Was on edge the whole first time not knowing if something went wrong so these updates that you’re still safe is great.

    • Silent002 says:

      @BurningArrow Agreed, and to add, sell them on the shop as Colin Furze official mining helmets!

    • Clank says:

      careful showing so much of your home/street Colin! plenty of weirdos and crooks out there :/ some blurring may be a good idea

    • Steeler says:

      The looser format is a nice change of pace! makes it feel more like natural progression videos rather than hard cut updates

  2. David Wolfe says:

    Tom’s precision to not hit the gas main with an excavator is top class!

  3. Mark Tyson says:

    Seeing the the size of the excavation at the end, I think you definitely made the right call getting the digger in.

    • Mountain Nomad VFX says:

      Considering all the work to construct the proposed car elevator he’s talking about putting in there it will take up a long time with that space all open and dangerous (especially with the utilities literally right overhead) as it is without having to dig it all out slowly too.

  4. The Stoned Alien says:

    I can’t imagine how much Colin’s house would be worth once all the works complete

    • Shocker99 says:

      I can’t imagine the tunnels will add the same value or more than the value he’s put into it.
      The tunnels are very novel and most likely unwanted by most – especially in the sort of area he lives in.

    • Niclas Asp says:

      Imagine the ad where it says how big the house is. And there is a picture of his small house 😂

    • TJ says:

      @Shocker99 IIRC, if he were to sell the house, he would have to sell it as a bunker with a house attached, rather than a house with a bunker, because the bunker has more value than the house.

    • calholli says:

      You would just need to find the right buyer, which is the difficult part. But I don’t think he’s planning on selling it anyway.
      I know in London, it’s actually very common in the upper neighborhoods for the ultra wealthy to dig 2 and 3 story basements under their homes to increase their value. Just look it up, there are several documentaries about it.

    • jamie123b says:

      @Niclas Asp why would the ad say it was a big house ?

  5. Lore Tunderin says:

    Not sure if it’s in the cards or not, but it would be really cool to clean up a section of the rock and earth so the stratigraphy is really clear and easy to see, then leave that section lit up and visible through a plexiglass ‘window’ of sorts.

  6. Austin Reitan says:

    I like seeing this side of colin. Instead of all over the walls fun man he is. He is giving more details about what he is doing.

  7. Ben Shrimpton says:

    Colin is the type of guy to go to a beach and build an actual castle out of sand

  8. Ammoniummetavanadate says:

    Getting the steel supplier as a sponsor is a masterstroke.

    Plus in my experience a good metal supplier is worth their weight in gold

  9. Rob Tasker says:

    I am so so so paranoid that Colin is gonna cave in his whole driveway but I also can’t wait for each updated video and to see the progress!! LOVE LOVE this channel!!!!!

    • RandomDudeFromYT says:

      To see how he just randomly lets all the main supply lines to his house freely hanging. Thats my main concern lol

    • Pow the Potato says:

      I find the gas line flapping around in the breeze, 6 inches from a toothed excavator shovel, much more anxiety inducing

    • Shocker99 says:

      Professionally they shore the sides to ensure they don’t give way and crush anyone working down there. Colin’s not even wearing his safety tie!

    • Rob Tasker says:

      @Shocker99 oh I know I see it in the videos and if memory serves Colin has even covered it more than once about the safety aspect of it all. However a 4′ wide tunnel is a far cry from a 15-20′ wide and deep driveway! Just don’t want to see it all come crashing down! (pun intended of course)

    • Rob Tasker says:

      @Pow the Potato yeah I saw that one too lol 🤣

  10. Dak says:

    This is the kind of content the Furze fans needed! Loved seeing the digger at work. 👍

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