Apple WWDC 2023: Everything Revealed in 12 Minutes

Apple WWDC 2023: Everything Revealed in 12 Minutes

At Apple’s WWDC 2023, the company revealed a slew of new hardware and software features for its products, including its much anticipated XR headset.

Read the CNET Article for more info:
WWDC 2023 Recap: Vision Pro Headset, iOS 17 and Everything Else Apple Announced

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46 Responses

  1. Thinamo says:

    For me every wwdc feels like a mix of “wow this is a really good quality of life improvement” and “this wasn’t in iOS before?!?!”

  2. Michael L says:

    These are some really nice QoL improvements! Should be a great update if things pan out as shown. $3500 is steep for the vast majority of people, but hopefully this + the PSVR2 can push the tech in the VR space (which has been stagnant for a while imo). The eyesight thing is actually pretty neat too. I hate the “cut off” feeling that I get when I’m using a regular vr headset.

    • Questionmarc says:

      Im wondering two things. What do you want to do out there? What will be first? People on the moon in a non-temporary way or a majority of people in VR?

    • Clu says:

      ​@Questionmarc the former is more likely

    • Candybar121 says:

      Have you tried a Quest? They’ve had see through mode for a couple years now, and it costs $400.

    • fatcrruise says:

      I just realized that it looks like hololens but cheaper

    • Michael L says:

      @Candybar121 Yes, but the use case is totally different. At most, pass through mode is good for finding your drink without taking the headset off. That’s all it really needs to do too since I only use it for games. The Vision is marketing itself as a media / productivity headset, and in that case, being able to fully engage with your environment and other people is way more important. The eyeballs on the display might be a bit much though haha. It’s a valid problem, but I’m not sure if their implementation is 100% there yet

  3. kornilios js says:

    I don’t think the price tag is a problem, it’s a very risky endeavor and basically the first AR device of any consequence on the market. If this pans out it could be revolutionary and of course get cheaper as time goes on. Other companies will catch on and make much cheaper versions of the same quality, it’s not like I’m going to Apple for cheap prices, their phones cost $1000…

    • Abandoned Cosmonaut says:

      Agreed. People don’t understand what an early adopter is. Usually the first products of something are very expensive, and they get cheaper. Like the iPhone being super expensive and now we have cheaper iPhone models.

    • SN says:

      @Abandoned Cosmonaut People just want to hate because it’s Apple. The price makes sense considering it’s something never seen before and could be the beginning of something new. If people were expecting this to be cheap then they don’t know how business works lol

  4. ENESCSR77 says:

    Something Apple clearly did not plan is that Amazon came up with *AMZT30* at the same time. So what about that? Whos stronger in marketing?

  5. Liquorinmycoffee says:

    Now the sidestand feature should be added to Ipad. Because one thing thats missing with these new devices and their camera abilities, is that you take all these photos when they matter and its just so tedious to go back and look through all of them. Having somewhere to display them at random is what needs to happen. So having like a digital photoframe to display selected pictures at random is whats needed to make all that photo taking count.

  6. Insta360 says:

    Imagine watching your Insta360 videos with this.

  7. Gamer Oyuncu says:

    Maybe in 5 years I’ll get Vision Pro 5 but currently the best way is *Amazons AMZT30*

    • Joee0201 says:

      Make sure to report this scam

    • Adekunle Owolabi says:

      @Joee0201 worse is..they have bots likign the comment so they stay ontop of the page.

    • aracelis salazar says:

      Yes that channel is known and the page I read the cointelegraph is also known. Nothing wrong with this, takes 5 minutes to see the evidence I’m talking about

    • Fanty78 says:

      they spam this because it gives a bonus to those who follow such a code, just marketing not more

    • Fanty78 says:

      I bought this token because it is the only thing which has value when it comes to crypto, as unfortunate as that is. But maybe that helps all of the other coins too longrun

  8. Samuel says:

    Everyone’s talking about the Apple Vision, but I’m psyched about the transcribed audio messages. Such a time saver!

    • Edwuano says:

      im hyped for the adaptive keyboard.

    • Zeerak Imran says:

      @Edwuano i’m excited for the voice dictation too. the current one is bad by 2014 standards. next up, i can imagine apple doing something big with siri and improving it a tonne. siri is currently super convenient and seamless but super unusable due to it being bad by idk man 2015 standards at best.

    • Joson Thomas says:

      Google already introduced it last year and probably theirs will still be the best

    • MetaChaser says:

      Been in wechat for years

    • chronic underachiever says:

      ​@Joson Thomas yeai own a pixel 7pro 😂

  9. theGamingSOLDAT says:

    The $3500 price tag is definitely targeting the upper class, I’m assuming to give Apple a good test audience. I imagine the next version will be $1700

  10. Ex Tra says:

    Interactive widgets is actually the most useful update for me. Standby mode is nice too since I use MagSafe stands

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