SELF-DESTRUCTING ANNOUNCEMENT (you will miss it if you dont watch)

SELF-DESTRUCTING ANNOUNCEMENT (you will miss it if you dont watch)

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44 Responses

  1. @jaidenanimations says:


  2. @dude.dans_ says:

    Man I love New Jaiden Content

  3. @malevolentminun9019 says:

    Consistent Jaiden content is always a good thing.

  4. @Diamond_Doodles says:

    Mini Jaiden seems like the most chaotic creature to ever exist, and I am here for it.

  5. @mysticfox9718 says:

    How Jaiden did this animation. I love the face expressions, the movements and how she drew herself. Don’t worry Jaiden! Take your time on making your next video.

  6. @wandereringshadow8658 says:

    Jaidens slow descent into becoming half animation youtuber, half gaming youtuber has finally reached its peak.
    And i’m all here for it.

  7. @VocaloidPog says:

    I’ve never watched you, but god damn are you good at capturing what it feels like to have infinite energy

  8. @Tamegamer10 says:

    This announcement will self destruct soon so i hope you all have a lovely day!

  9. @user-gv8vq9sj3j says:

    love how jaiden is being so urgent but still puttig the same amount of emotion and love into all her videos <3

  10. @zoeys.animates7068 says:

    woah! jaiden is doing a lot. of stuff lately. loving this era. VTuber, animator, and this new project! excited to see it!

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