Senators And Panthers Scrum Ends With ALL Players On Ice Receiving Misconducts

Senators And Panthers Scrum Ends With ALL Players On Ice Receiving Misconducts

Watch as a scrum breaks out during the third period between the Ottawa Senators and Florida Panthers, and after everything is broken up by the referees misconducts are handed out to every player on the ice along with a few other penalties.


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52 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    This was someone’s first hockey game. Wither it was at home, restaurant or at the game itself, someone’s first game. I’m jealous

  2. Drewski Bear says:

    Brady just throwing lefts and rights at every panther possible 😂

  3. Alexander Kidwell says:

    1:43 “Every player on the ice has a 10 minute misconduct but the goaltenders.” Legendary call

    • Don La Haye says:

      Oprah syle lol 😂 you get a 10 you get a 10 , every body geettts a teeeennn!!!!

    • Kevin Stull says:

      Kind of reminds me of football for a false start call. Everybody but the center gets the call 😂.

    • David Newman says:

      So…. The goaltenders played 1:1 for ten minutes?

    • Brandon says:

      How is that legendary? That’s pathetic that as a referee you allow a game to get that out of hand in the first place that you’re giving players who didn’t even do anything a 10 minute misconduct. Absolute nonsense.

    • KIA JD says:

      @Brandonout of hand? The only thing out of hand was the score being 4-0. Tkachuk put a skate out at the goalie after the shot, and Florida responded. I see this as a ref being like “You started it, it stopped, and you restarted it as well, so yeah. Get out”. This game is over, so let’s get it over with. Even the players aren’t arguing. The players fully understand why, and I don’t disagree. This is disallowing it to get out of hand before somebody gets hit from behind or to the head

  4. C Money says:

    Quite a moment in nhl history

  5. raiden mei says:

    the cut to the grandma im on the floor

  6. Brandon Kellogg says:

    Some people will never forget the night they went to a fight and then a hockey game broke out.

  7. Mike O'Shea says:

    Embarrassing night for the Senators. Playoffs are looking like another hopeless dream this year.

  8. Pete Young says:

    10 players getting 10 minutes each? That’s 100 minutes of penalties off one play. That’s nuts, but what’s even more insane is it’s not even close to a record. The Pens-Islanders brawl in 2011 had 300-ish minutes and that’s still 100 short of the record.

    • Raj Sharma says:

      Just looked it up lol That 2011 brawl makes this look like a kids tea party… More fighting than hockey literally…

    • viperswhip says:

      No, it was 11, Florida had an extra man on the ice, he will probably get suspended.

    • Yakiv Popavich says:

      @Raj Sharma Exactly lol, barely over a decade and fighting stats are down over 50%. This was all a scrum, pushing and shoving. Roughing minors and game misconducts for the sake of further potential penalties occurring and or altercations. In 2011 this would have been a line brawl at the least. The game has changed a lot due to concussion and CTE concerns.

    • 5UAREZ says:

      There also an NBA brawl between the Nuggets and Knicks with the Same outcome.

    • Alan Volante says:

      2103 Ottawa vs Philadelphia is the record I believe. 419, 215 in the 3rd period

  9. AngusArt Entertainment says:

    February 20th. April 4th and 9th.
    Those are the other three matchups for these two teams.

  10. Gordie Parenteau says:

    When the referee has absolutely had enough.

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