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  1. Tyrone Shoemaker says:

    I am a Career Coach at an HBCU and Coach Prime has inspired me do even better by our students. Not every student athlete is going to be a professional athlete, and even then there is life after sports. I respect Coach Prime for making a tough decision and being open with his players. There is a part of me that wants him to continue at JSU but he stated that he is being called for other things beyond this university. The microscope is going to continue to be on him but I believe he will rise to the challenge. Either way, I wish JSU and Coach Prime the best.

    • Yung Fresh says:

      Travis going it’s already said

    • wakingchristian says:

      @D F  Recruiting using high profile people is a part of the game and has been for decades. How do you think a handful of schools have remained on top? As far as exploiting kids, do you have this energy since you’ve been old enough to understand college football? I ask because until the NIL rule these kids have been exploited by a bunch of white schools in front of your face and it was accepted but Deion is the bad guy ok.

    • D F says:

      @wakingchristian They had funding for school lunches and funneled that money wrongly into the football program. They lost funding. They got sued. They had empty scholarships with classes that weren’t even college accredited. They recruited by using Snoop dogg, Ladainian Tomlinson and other celebs on field to lure talent in. (For the record he did this tactic again with JSU bringing in Snoop dogg, OCHOCINCO, TO and even an Instagram Model.). He finished with 600k debt at prime prep academy. On and on and on. The student was just a real life perspective of somebody being exploited as a student athlete to fulfill a HYPED up dream that would get abandoned like JSU is NOW. There are many Demarcus Petersons. But I promise you his son Shadeur won’t be one of them.

      As for JSU he was always honest about leaving. He wasn’t honest about keeping his promise though. He said he had a mission. It was going well. But I would NOT be surprised if JSU was mismanaged Financially as well.

      He can’t keep promising these kids big things and leaving them out to dry and pick up the pieces. It comes across as EXPLOITATION. But ain’t this the same coach that released a song and music video titled “MUST BE THE MONEY?”

    • wakingchristian says:

      @D F  In terms of the academy, a high school kid is not going to be informed on what’s happening on the administrative side. His comments don’t tell you about how they fought against the school accreditation. It doesn’t tell you about the lack of state funding that should’ve been available to them as a charter school or about the constant attacks for bringing in kids that wanted to play for the school, which happens all the time. So yes there are more things the the print media didn’t tell you.

      As far as JSU, he never said he wouldn’t leave. What he said was if he did, he would tell them first. That’s what he did, but go ahead and keep disparaging him. I’m not going to change your mind.

    • D F says:

      @wakingchristian How’s it what the media told me when kids like Demarcus Peterson are literally giving testimony to how PRIME PREP ACADEMY exploited young athletes into a program that didn’t even confirm ACCREDITED classes.

      “It’s good to say I played for him…but when you look at it…the whole thing was a fallacy.” -Demarcus Peterson Prime Prep Academy Student Athlete

      He recruits, self promotes, BUILDS and Abandons. He’s been there done that with High School. Now JSU. Colorado actually has money so they might work out. But he exploited those other schools.

  2. Rolynn’s Reviews says:

    This is so sad. I am almost in tears. I feel so bad for these young men. I really feel bad for the young man in the green hat! He looks like someone told him that his mom passed away! He looks totally devastated and like his whole world is over. Thanks PRIMETIME for everything that you instilled in these fine young men. I also understand you listening to the voice of GOD and moving when GOD tells you to do so! Obviously, you understood the assignment and your assignments at JSU are complete! Being a graduate of an HBCU; I love everything that you did to shine the spotlight on HBCU Athletics! You created the template for other Black athletes to follow!!! I have nothing but love for you PRIMETIME!💜💕❤️

    • moly jane says:


    • trist c says:

      If PWI FSU offered him the position he would of never looked JSU way. I told everyone he ain’t about uplifting HBCUs. It was just a stepping stone

    • albert tate says:

      @yo do you watch college football at all? Because most power 5 coaches have done the same thing. LSU, ALABAMA, USC, OLE MISS, MICHIGAN STATE, (the list goes on) have head coaches who left their previous program after one year or before the season was over.

    • yo says:

      Selfish, all about himself always have been, I’m not watching him coach nothing else, pray for them young men, they been deceived from him running his mouth

  3. Pound That Pavement says:

    I’m two ways about this. I’m happy that coach Prime has an opportunity to go coach at the next level. I’m also sad that he is leaving and only those kids and their parents know what Prime told them in order to recruit them. This is a early introduction learning lesson for the kids though to the business side of sports. I wonder how that #1 rated kid feels with all the offers he had on the table? Overall Deion did a great job at this school and hopefully his future coach maintains greatness.

    • Nicholas Wilder says:

      That number one commit is a grown man he chose that he didn’t have too

    • 8MoneyIzmyMission8 says:

      How he feels? He was paid 100s of thousands to go there. Who cares how he feels.

    • Michael Sankey says:

      They all transferring with him

    • Talib Davis says:

      Travis and his son are going to colorado I at least know for sure his son is because when he had his meeting with the new team he said strength and position coaches are being replaced and that he is bringing luggage from JSU and I think it’s more than players than what we believe. I have my thoughts on like 5 players but he said some positions which I assume are QB and DB are already set

    • Nick Sin says:

      @ALA 24 I feel for the kids who already transferred to jsu and have to sit out a year to transfer again

  4. morton jones says:

    I played Division II college football in the early 1980s and went through a coaching change my sophomore year. It was at that point when I got my wake up call about why I was really there. The new coach told us he was going run the team like a business and we were just like products on a store shelf. He said he would get rid of anyone that wasn’t producing. There was no warm and fuzzy feelings there.He made it clear he was there to win football games because that’s how he fed his family. The painful reality is he was right. He didn’t care about having a close personal connection with his players. It’s a business for college coaches unlike most high school coaches. I’m also a retired high school football coach of 35yrs with 25 as a head coach. I had players play on every college division level with a very few playing in the NFL. I told everyone of them before they signed their athletic scholarship that they were going to college to get a college education for a career first not the NFL. One was lucky enough to play 11yrs in the NFL and coaches in the NFL today. The rest only played one or two years. So with that said every 4 star and 5 star high school football player will not have a NFL future. When Coach Prime signed a high school player to play football at Jackson State that kid had already won. He was giving that young man an opportunity to get a college education to have a career beyond playing football and to help his family. Coach Prime has lived up to his end of the deal by giving these young men the opportunity at a better life through paying for school with a athletic scholarship. Most forget when it comes to education the laws of physics are the same at Jackson State and any Division I or I AA school. Education is first not football. Coach Prime thanks for raising the bar and reminding people that HBCUs play good football . I think Coach Sanders has done more to help these young black men than he will ever know by making being a head football coach cool. The next Eddie Robinson may be watching him and deciding right now he wants to be a successful head football coach at a HBCU.

    • Clue_604 aka K - Black Ent. says:

      @SirTavion that’s not his son, sir.

    • See N Say says:

      Great post. My question though is the middle ground between education and what’s best for the student-athlete’s future vs. when that conflicts with short term gain And best interests of the coach? I know for a fact in most cases, the latter is Overwhelmingly prioritized! Smdh coaches recruiting these kids and then encouraging the majority to take weaker majors & classes to not conflict with or complicate football schedules for practice, weight training, film study, mandatory meetings. Discouraging downtime, social activities beyond team functions and campus events available to the average students. Encouraging them to sacrifice any pursuits literally best for personal career development beyond their college football careers. I’ve seen this up close for myself AND gained direct insight from players across P5 conferences. So the concept of coaches using players as disposable pieces for their own personal gain isn’t respectable nor innocent when the house always tips in favor of itself and at the expense of essentially exploiting student athletes most of whom don’t even get the full value of the education you say is first priority for them

    • wakingchristian says:

      @SirTavion That’s not Eddie Robinson’s son. Lol

    • C Williams says:

      @morton jones – VERY WELL SAID MY BROTHA !!!!!!

    • V8Beanman says:

      Great inside from the PoV from a coach but I feel like he made it personal and mentored those kids because of who they were and their individual circumstances. If you pay attention to this channel he was settin’ them up for success OUTSIDE of football as you dabbled in. But even better than education he was giving them LIFE lessons. That’s infinitely more important than football and education. Nothing matters in this life when you pass. It’s about setting yourself up for the NEXT life. So my only greivance is how he stepped up as that mentor-father figure for some and now he’s out. I felt like his role in mentorship was better than his role as a coach. I personally felt like that was his TRUE calling at JSU. Maybe his time is up? Only God can say but I just hope none of the kids misinterprets this. Hopefully, they take him up on the offer on the personal conversation. I’m divided on this because I wish him well but at the same time if I was a young man and he did this I’d be torn. He didn’t even stay for the length of his entire contract. And it’s crazy to me how we’re suppose to abide by contracts but I guess it doesn’t matter in Sports? Just pay the penalty and go on about your day?

  5. therealSUPERMAN51 says:

    This was always the hardest part of the business in any sport but it’s major in team sports like this, the ability to give your all for one man’s vision and the men who share that same feeling as you to have it shift either by firing or this case moving on…the next steps show the character of everyone involved. I wish coach the best at CU and these men the best in their lives as athletes and students going forward.

  6. Aretha Ball says:

    My heart aches for the loss to the state, city, neighborhood, school, students, players and staff!! My prayers are with everyone including Coach and his family!! KEEP THE MOMENTUM JSU!!

    • james warner says:

      @JaCorey Royal I understand… I just finished watching his speech with his new team Colorado Buffaloes, you should have seen all those scared ass white boys, it’s hilarious. Deion will be kicking some white boys off the team and bringing some speed on board. Colorado is about to become black overnight. He told those kids he’s bringing at least 10 players from Jackson with him, and that the positions are already filled.

    • JaCorey Royal says:

      @james warner I understand. But this will teach the kids that nothing is guaranteed and you gotta work everyday so you can get the same options Deion has. You gotta pull the good out of it.

    • james warner says:

      @JaCorey Royal Your correct, I just felt bad for the kids, that’s my only thought on the matter. I felt so bad for them, it’s our culture I’m thinking about.

    • james warner says:

      @J Fowler I’ve been watching college football since the 70’s, I’m a follower of Ohio State and the Big Ten. I played basketball, been around and played with NBA players. I majored in communications at an HBCU school, applied for ESPN back in the 80’s, your not talking to no fool, so please do not imply that with your last question. Listen, I’m not here to debate with you, take it as you please, I could care less because I don’t look up these rich and wealthy athletes anyways. It’s all about the money and the fame, nothing more.

    • james warner says:

      @Dave Dammitt It’s not even about the NFL, you missed my point. Heck I’ve talked to women just this morning, that were sending their son to Jackson State as a STUDENT, all because of Deion Sanders. See dude this thing runs deeper than the stuff your talking. It’s black people here in Alabama that were buying Jackson State gear all because of what he’s been to those black kids. It’s all about the culture, not just sports. sports bring people together, always have. It’s many people here in Alabama that were going to attend Jackson state as a STUDENT, not playing sports. Our black men need guidance, and Deion was a good person for them.

  7. CARLINO says:

    Prime did JSU the greatest honor at the head coaching position ever. Perfect season and revived a HBCU program.. Business is Business gentleman. Prime love y’all he said everything perfectly. Either you move up or get moved out. 🏈👑🙏🏼

  8. The truth says:

    It must be heartbreaking for these young adults to hear this from a man who said he had their backs and wasn’t going anywhere all this time. Many of these players could have gone onto better football programs, but decided on JSU to be coached by Deion Sanders. This is why YOU always do what’s best for you and your family while taking everything anyone tells you with a grain of salt. It’s better to play chess instead of checkers in this life when making decisions. Never make an emotional decision which can and will impact your future. Hopefully many of these players will be able to elevate themselves to a better opportunity just like coach. It’s always funny to hear someone say no need to elevate yourself while they elevate themselves.

    • Bert says:


    • Chad Stuart says:

      Tough reality of sports, especially college. Can’t trust a coach that has only been there for a few years. A Coach K, a Bob Knight, Saban, etc these are coaches that are more trustworthy. They are/were established at programs. These dudes learned a lesson they’ll carry for the rest of their lives

    • NO LE says:

      🤣 Deion said fuck dat. Must be the Money

    • Ya Breath Stank says:

      @Cordelia Thomas Oh plz. Don’t take what I say out of context but I had plenty white men help me and I am thankful. But Deion knew better than to take those top black recruits to HBCU’s away from the top white power 5 structure system. It’s deeper, mess with a white man money is see what he do to ya, Deion knew. So he stayed in line and getting his, which is No problem but let it be known don’t feed the kids bs why Deion ain’t keeping his. The young men are.

    • Sheldon Jackson says:

      And that’s what Deion is doing what’s best for him. Mfs gone complain about anything

  9. jacob crabb says:

    Deion- “I never chased a bag, the bag has always chased me”. Words all pro athletes should hear this man is a gift🙏.

    • WOTCholic says:

      ​@V8Beanmanit’s not even possible to put into words what he did for y’all’s program. Ive never in my life seen so much entitlement. Some of the articles being written rn about him are as cringe as they could possibly be. Y’all need to get over yourselves. He was never chained down and forever a servant of one school. There’s no debt that he owes any of you. You’ve never done a single thing for him. You’ve enjoyed what he’s done for y’all. But the minute this man takes the next step in his career y’all going to stick a knife in his back. It’s honestly disturbing.

    • WOTCholic says:

      ​@Shawn Hubbardyou’re not entitled to chaining a man down to one school. No. The majority of college football is black. Coaching is not. One school is not entitled to put chains on a black coach’s career. He didn’t betray you. He elevated your program to heights not seen previously and is fighting for in-house replacement. He did lead and showed a whole faculty how to function. This is the type of entitlement you see. Unrealistic expectations and you turn on him when they aren’t met. He was always wanting to get his foot in the door of coaching. It was no secret at all. To think you’re going to prevent a hyper competitor from taking on new challenges is one form of delusion, but to think that someone you’ve never given a damn thing to owes you or f*ck them is a whole other kind of twisted.

    • WOTCholic says:

      ​​​​@Shawn Hubbardwe don’t get it because its absurd that you think you have chained this man down to Jackson State. You haven’t provided him a damn thing and you’re ungrateful for what he brought in his three years there. He doesn’t owe you anything. He can do whatever he wants with his career. You act like he used the place and ran it down and left y’all in shambles. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Its absurd to see grown men crying and bickering cause an all time NFL player is furthering his coaching career.

    • WOTCholic says:

      ​@Jeremy Ross why can he not accept a bigger job? What does he owe you? What have you done for him or given him in his time at Jackson State to where you got him chained up and can justify running around crying about a grown man taking a better job?

    • WOTCholic says:

      ​​​@Shawn Hubbard all these dudes running around crying mad acting like he owes you something. What exactly have you given him to where he can’t go take on something new? Or even if he is chasing the bag, what does he owe y’all? He always wanted to get his foot into the door of coaching. Everybody knew it. Now everyone’s crying acting like he just abused your baby or something. Y’all haven’t done anything for him.

  10. Reina says:

    Coach Prime is setting his children and team up for greatness. We are made for greatness. This should provoke change for those settling on the premise of loyalty. Be loyal to elevation. Go Prime! The real ones love you for who you are as a man. You earned this and made tremendous sacrifices for football. God bless you and everyone you touched. Keep going! Legend 💙

    • philmoore075 says:

      All that foundation is bout to fall apart he spent 3 years there that’s not enough to build. A foundation …. all them kids are gonna leave and that foundation will fall apart … how many kids wasted a year or two or 3 by following him when they could’ve went elsewhere … love prime but I’m iffy about this move

    • Natasha Swift says:

      What is “elevation” when you base your success on getting a pat on the back from white folks?

    • ShoNuff IzHere!! says:

      They spent money they don’t have to meet prime expectations😵‍💫. Prime screwed them. His recruit that left Florida State is crushed.

    • tr33tr33 says:

      Yeah, Jackson State football has a solid foundation now…look how far they’ve came in the short time. Let a man work✔️#coachprime

    • H R says:

      We are not meant for greatness ! That’s affirmative action talk !

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