Sha’Carri vs Shericka ANCHOR SHOWDOWN decides EPIC 4×100 between USA and Jamaica | NBC Sports

Sha’Carri vs Shericka ANCHOR SHOWDOWN decides EPIC 4×100 between USA and Jamaica | NBC Sports

Team USA’s women backed up their win over Jamaica at last year’s Worlds with a repeat performance in the 4×100 relay, as Sha’Carri Richardson held off Shericka Jackson in a thrilling anchor leg for gold and a championship record

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Sha’Carri vs Shericka ANCHOR SHOWDOWN decides EPIC 4×100 between USA and Jamaica | NBC Sports

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44 Responses

  1. JZMUSIZZ - says:

    Give a medal to the announcers, they made this race a thrill also. Congratulations USA

  2. Matthew L says:

    Sha’carri’s running form is absolutely amazing!!

  3. Love MI Plants says:

    Tears of joy. I’m so proud of these young ladies, so so so well deserved 🫶❤️🤍💙 Congrats, Champs!

  4. Jen Bethel says:

    Thank God for Gabby…she got us back in the game! 🇺🇸

    • Shaw Day says:

      We were never out of the game, they all kept us in the game. It’s called teamwork

    • Ronde says:

      Yes indeed, Gabby got them legs to cover distance quickly. She’s a jewel for sure

    • Steel pulse says:

      ​@shawday7911 actually gabby did by running the greatest 3rd leg come back of all time. Jamaica had a slight lead on 3rd leg gabby ran her down if sharika gets the baton first on the last leg we get silver.

    • Jeannette Bradley says:

      Agree, if not for Gabby….that was a VERY IMPORTANT leg.

    • jusmee says:

      @Steel pulsethis is true! If Sharicka gets the baton in first…no one is catching her. Our exchanges weren’t great so I can’t wait to see us once those exchanges are clean

  5. DC Lewis says:

    “Nobody’s catching Sha’Carri Richardson. It’s GOLD for the United States!” His commentary was gut wrenching superb!!

  6. DC Lewis says:

    Don’t sleep on TT’s contribution. She closed the gap on Fraser-Pryce. Go Team U.S.A!!!

    • 3000 Degreez says:

      Factz she ran a helluva 2nd keg and DEFINITELY closed the gap on Pryce 💯

    • kiadenyne says:

      Absolutely TT was amazing…..BigTime

    • Leland B. says:

      This is the comment I was looking for! TT was rolling

    • Warren Edwards says:

      Nobody noticed that Frazer Price was slowing down before handing off the Batton because she picked up an injury. That’s only when USA gained the advantage and that made the difference. Congrats to the USA nonetheless.

    • lindalou ma says:

      @Warren EdwardsThe baton was handed to each anchor at the same time. Nobody noticed Sha’Carri ..
      🏃🏽‍♀️💨💨💨. Prayers to Shelly, but the Americans were better.

  7. appartement2046 says:

    Gabby closing the gap just highlights how a strong 200m runner makes a HUGE difference

  8. Leondre S. says:

    The build up to the race was just as great as the _actual_ race. Did not disappoint at ALL. Shacarri’s just in rare form right now. Super proud of all the ladies💯

  9. FaustinaBordoni says:

    Sha’Carri has transformed into a special young woman. I’m so happy for her. She shines on the track and during interviews. It’s amazing to see!

  10. PowerToTheTubers says:

    So happy for Sha’Carri and the entire Team USA 🇺🇸 man has this young lady come a long way in the past few years 👏

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