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45 Responses

  1. D4rant says:

    Let’s goooo finally! I love GTA videos, JJ always does something to make them fuming 😂

  2. Hakiii says:

    JJ is the biggest troll in the history of GTA I’m dead😂🗿

    • Zessi Zybala says:

      @Dark Shadow only OGs remember that bots like you don’t exist shutup

    • Zessi Zybala says:

      @ELTS OG GANGI mate, i live in a country where we are multicultural and diverse, ofc i dont think the N word is funny, plus, i will fucking punch a guy who uses that word.

      Wrong guess on my age bodoh

    • MAD LAD says:

      @Zessi Zybala new sidemen fan? Ibe been watching them for years and always enjoyed their content and JJs content but this time he was just being annoying, just like harry said that one time, “JJ what’s the point JJ, you’re just ruining it”, I personally would like to see them race more than the whole video being just JJ blocking the road, now y’all 13 year old JJ stans can say whatever you want to me I don’t think Im replying cause y’all are just saying the same shit.

    • Zessi Zybala says:

      @MAD LAD them racing normally would be boring. as much as i like their personalities it will be boring. heck, i watch f1 and some of the races are boring. JJ blocking the road makes it funny.

      for he record, im older than 13

    • ELTS OG GANGI says:

      @Zessi Zybala good man. Maybe we have different opinions on what is funny, but i respect you for saying that. As a brother from Aus, i take back what i said. Good luck my brother <3

  3. lil s says:

    Harry’s luck is annoyingly non existent when it comes to GTA lmao 😂😂

  4. mason little says:

    The happiness I feel hearing Simon read a second playlist intro

  5. David Officer says:

    Vik: Makes 1mil+ from Minecraft Servers
    Also Vik: Doesn’t have a numpad

  6. PAC MAN says:

    12:15 was the funniest shit I have ever seen. The editors SMASHED it.

  7. Gresh says:

    the music that started to kick in at 19:00 really gave me nostalgia and gave me that warm 2015 sidemen feeling

  8. Noah Carmona says:

    Nobody gonna talk about how goated vik is for what he did to JJ 😂

  9. Lewis Durling says:

    Vik flying that jet and hitting JJ, He actually looked like he was flying a jet. The concentration on my mans face

  10. Wasabi Dono says:

    This gameplay was pure chaos and I loved every single second of it. Big up the sidemen <3

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