Playing SQUID GAME in Minecraft!

Playing SQUID GAME in Minecraft!

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Playing SQUID GAME in Minecraft! with PrestonPlayz 👊


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Crainer – Playing RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT In Minecraft! (Squid Game)

Kwebbelkop – PLAYING as VENOM in GTA 5

Aphmau – Playing SQUID GAME In Minecraft!


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28 Responses

  1. Help me reach 15K Sbs without any Video says:

    ‘‘Congratulations to everyone who comes in every single seconds”

  2. Shlok Baheti says:

    Literally what i was waiting for: my favourite show + my favourite youtuber ❤️

  3. Gatluak Kerjiok says:

    I love this you’re finally playing the sqid game in Minecraft

  4. NFRoductions says:

    ironic since preston is a christian boy and just yanked the fricking magma creams

  5. Joanna Belous says:

    I feel so bad for XPmaster Preston Ledgett took all his magma cream

  6. SuperBad64 says:

    Preston: “don’t be stealing my cream bro”

  7. Uday Nanda says:

    Most neflix series: no one is making videos about
    Squid games: 99% of the for you page


    At this game I can’t even make it past Red light Green lol

  9. HelCab89 says:

    So far there’s no video of Preston that I have never enjoyed
    All these great ideas
    Thank u for making me smile

  10. Sylvia Trigno says:

    The third stage where u have to get magma creams they’re called fire charges

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