SMG4: My Roommate Mario

SMG4: My Roommate Mario

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With the castle gone SMG4 has to move in with Mario, but he ain’t exactly the best roommate 🤡

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Credits to:
@LukeCorreia for the “I’ve deceived you” line at 3:01
@DavidfilsdeMomone for the Evangelion Opening at 4:04
@Snidbert for the DK Cleveland Show rap at 4:19
@HassanKhadair for the Mickey Mouse meme at 4:26
@abdulcisse for the Forgis on the Jeep Beatbox at 7:56

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39 Responses

  1. Fan-imator says:

    Mario thanking Luigi for his work and them hugging after probably years of Luigi torment is absolutely amazing and wholesome

  2. Naily Studios says:

    I love that everything’s back to normal again. More memes, more quirky adventures with SMG4 and crew, and new designs too! This channel shall continue to produce weekly comedy!

  3. Afshan Sabri says:

    Despite this whole stuff with SMG4 and Mario living together not as planned, can we all just have a moment of how Mario and Luigi being thankful brothers to each other?, the way they showed kindness and hugged is so sweet, this was such a great episode, hats off to SMG4 and his team! 🙂

  4. SNoodle says:

    Anybody notice the INSANE increase in usage of the SM64 style models in comparison to pre-insanity? I love this. It’s a nice balance between Gmod and 64. I say he should keep going in this direction, it works really well!

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body- says:

    After all the very intense things that happened who knows what will happen next but I definitely know that no matter what happens Smg4 and the gang will always be friends! I’m so hyped for this video! Keep up the amazing work Smg4 and the team!

  6. Nester Helen says:

    This really sets the tone for the future and I’m liking it so far and can’t wait to see what the new house would look and bedrooms

  7. Maria Hooker- says:

    I honestly admire how smg4 is trying to send off most Nintendo IP with these arcs. Going for something original after all this time may be a struggle, but he can make anything for us to enjoy

    • The SMG4 Theorists says:

      @ttyd is 100% the best game 🤡🤡🤡

    • Anonymous Monkey says:

      @JDOG2K crazy eyed-tentacle crazy peach. It’s either gonna be a glorious villain, or source material for zone tan

    • Windows XP says:

      @Charlyn Long and you

    • Hurou says:

      @Rose Oliveira modern smg4 watchers don’t know that r64 falls under fair use and he is still monetized when using nintendo ips

    • Rose Oliveira says:

      @Nathan Kim you really believed that was true? Cease and desists are immediate, if he really tooked one he wouldn’t even be able to do a goodbye video, the channel would just be erased without warning, the entire saga was just making fun of american and japonese nintendo (luke is australian, the laws of copyrighted are less serious there)

      And strenghten my point even more him only doing for the money, he was literally selling lawyer meggy and redesigned smg4 action figures 3 DAYS after the saga ended, production of toys don’t get legalized like that, on the fly, he was already planning that shit for days, possibly months

  8. Caleb Edward Bishop says:

    I’m glad SMG4 is making a good recovery from last week’s incident. Even though the castle is gone, the whole crew will stand strong, and survive.

  9. FlakoMC says:

    Sometimes these episodes can be so potent that it lasts us for a minute and we don’t need it pumped in every day. Great content, great channel!

  10. Venus Cartoon says:

    The SMG4 story continues! Luke and Kevin never have disappointed me with their comedy.

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