Film Theory: This is Disney’s WORST Fear! (Winnie the Pooh)

Film Theory: This is Disney’s WORST Fear! (Winnie the Pooh)

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Can you imagine if your favorite, friendly Pooh Bear had a HORROR movie? Well, that is an actual reality now. But it’s NOT from the minds at Disney. So is this even legal? And could other Disney characters get their own horror movies? Oh Bother, we’re in for a good episode today!
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44 Responses

  1. HeftyBandicoot Gaming says:

    Disney’s worst nightmare is the public domain.

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body- says:

    Props to Mat and the team for bringing such engrossing theories

  3. Olthar says:

    I’ve noticed the addition of the Steamboat Willie animation into the Disney logo, but I always thought it was just a fun reference and callback to the origins of the company, a way to honor their heritage. I never realized that it was a skeezy way to dodge copyright law. That kinda makes me feel bad.

    • Olthar says:

      @Mikayla Eckel Cifrese  Because we’re living in end stage capitalism. It’s not just about winning; it’s about crushing everyone else. Not only does Disney want to bleed the consumer base for every penny they can, they also want to make sure that no one else can earn a single thing. Yes, letting Steamboat Willie go would have a negligible impact on their year-end profits, but they didn’t rise to the top of the industry by being nice.

    • Mikayla Eckel Cifrese says:

      Honestly, it seems kind of dumb to me. Like, seriously, _who cares_ if people can use a centuries old version of Mickey that most people aren’t even familiar with? Like, they can’t seriously be making a noticeable amount of money off of content that old, and the current version, which is _very_ different, will still be protected by copyright. So I really don’t get why they even care that much.

    • cfruge444 says:

      @Ladyspiderwick Regardless, Mickey Mouse himself is also trademarked.

      *Plus, Disney’s been trying to get Steamboat Willie trademarked before it enters the public domain.*

    • Ladyspiderwick says:

      It’s rather smart if you think about it, nobody would recognise it unless they’d seen the original steamboat willie animation

  4. Pop Culture Data says:

    A horror movie with Mickey Mouse would be quite unique

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that Peter Pan is one of the ones next up to become a horror movie, depending on how you look at the original work it practically is close to being one already and probably would require surprisingly little adjustment to become full-on horror. Peter Pan just as an individual is just creepy.

    • Clownie Studios says:

      @Gann the Derpimann “sussy baka” 💀

    • Chyna Houston says:

      As my brother likes to summarize Peter Pan, he’s basically a kidnapper who kills the children he kidnaps (hence the lostboys and them never growing up) while Captain Hook is the police officer who knows it’s Peterand is chasing him to stop the killings. Tinkerbell is a form of trickery to keep or take the kids (Like candy, gifts, promises, other kidnapping things). Wendy and her brothers were his latest kidnappers that managed to escape and get away from him…

      He used to tell the story that way toscare me as a kid, now that I think about it… He’s right

    • Jacob Shrum says:

      A horror film based on the original material would be genius, but I think they’re just going to make it into a lazy slasher flick.

    • Poppy fan says:

      @Sally Kilby that’s like the only show (well that and supergirl) where I prefer the crack ship over the actual ship. Everything else, I prefer the actual ship

  6. stef5853 says:

    The Peter Pan horror… yeah that one already exists in literary form. The book is called Lost Boy. And while it may not appear as a horror (and I would agree that it can be discussed whether it’s horror or not) but once you start to think about it as a backstory, it becomes a bit chilling.

  7. Camila Acosta says:

    I love how mat manages to stay consistent with all his channels

  8. Frost The Hobidon says:

    Not Only the Original Mickey will be in the Public Domain, people forget about the original Minnie and Pete will also too.

    • Slartibartfast says:

      Nah, Nah, 50 Shades of Pete with Pete and Minnie in the starring roles.

    • Pacbandit13 says:

      ​@Scourge Of Man your thinking too small 50 shades of mini soon come

    • Scourge Of Man says:

      So Mini will be the one to go on a killing spree after the decapitation of her beloved Mickey by a giant mouse trap! We’ll call it:
      Mini The Mouse, Cheese and Whine 😭

  9. Phoenix Valentina says:

    People have always been doing horror things with beloved characters. Worst fear for companies is when it becomes legal and can go on the big screen: public domain

  10. Owl of Books says:

    Someone is 100% going to make a horror movie based on all of the Disney characters 😂

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