After all this time the new castle’s finally here!!!

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39 Responses

  1. hello olleh (formerly @Name - yn7ve) says:

    I love how after all these years, from the start of SMG4 to this, Luigi is still probably the most sane character

  2. Justin Marcos says:

    After new characters, better animation, new models of characters, voice acting, and now a new castle, this is truly a new era of SMG4.

  3. mỹ hân huỳnh says:

    The moment we’ve all been waiting for. I was blown away by everything the new castle has to offer. And those rooms looked amazing. I can’t wait to find out what’s behind that creepy door. And with that, a new amazing era of SMG4 has begun.

  4. Alessandro Lamonaca says:

    It’s amazing how far SMG4 has come. Can’t wait to see more in the future!

    • TILTED XS says:

      It’s crazy to think that it’s Ben almost 12 years since this channel was made and I love the direction their going

  5. Milky_Way says:

    This, this is a masterpiece. Even if people don’t like the new SMG4, you can still watch the past vids, now. Personally, this is an amazing episode. I hope Luke and Kevin make the best content they can! ❤

  6. RedwoodsClimber says:

    the amount of change this channel has gone through over the years is heartwarming and amazing. keep up the good work!

  7. Shadow Slaughter52 says:

    I’m just gonna say it. This new castle is incredible. That mystery room is definitely gonna be important later on. I’m excited to see what crazy adventures will happen in the walls of this castle. And what the upper levels will look like once they’re complete. 10/10. Would watch again.

  8. Frank Stanley says:

    It’s a bit sad to see Tari not continue to be fully voice acted, but that makes sense for Tari to be voiced for an arc that centers on her

  9. Kaliburr X says:

    I shouldve guessed that it would be carnival themed, it looks great, personally i would not have done so much stripes everywhere, but it still looks really good. im always proud of each milestone this channel achieves, from hobo bros and the irl skits series, to glitch productions and its masterpieces, luke and kevin have always gone above and beyond and have never made youtube seem like a chore or boring in the slightest. this channel and its crew is what inspires me to keep working on my editing skills, so that i can hopefully start my channel up (not the one im commenting from), and maybe have a really good entrance into this kind of work. you guys are great!

    edit: i wonder if saiko and kaizo were missing from this on purpose or because its too many characters, either way, glad to see such great work from yall.

    • Ethan Zait says:

      Maybe stop hating?

    • Kaliburr X says:

      @Ethan Zait since when did i say i hated anything? 60% of my post was literally saying “im proud of how far theyve come” i only disagreed with the design, but understand how and why its like that. i just had a different headcanon, and im not upset that what was in my own head didnt get used because nobody wouldve know but me.

    • Snow Kitty says:

      Yeah I kinda agree with you there. Too many stripes can be a bit distracting, sometime simlicity is best

    • Chainsonic says:

      Everyone’s saying it looks like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, when I think it looks more like Merry Magoland.

  10. LiveLoveExpoler says:

    I’m somewhat new to SMG4. I started watching in 2021. And as time went on, I learned more about SMG4, the crew, and their history. From simple SM64 clips to a freaking new castle, SMG4 has grown in a huge way and I’m excited for their new adventures!

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