So I made an ‘Annoying’ Difficulty in Minecraft…

So I made an ‘Annoying’ Difficulty in Minecraft…

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Over the next 30 days, the fastest person to beat Minecraft WITH this mod installed, wins $1000

– Don’t use any other mod or resource pack during your run.
– Record the entire session from joining the world to beating the ender dragon, and post it on YouTube with the #AnnoyingDifficulty. (so I can find it)
– Difficulty must be set to ‘Normal’.
– You can’t play on a server, but you CAN have multiple people behind one computer. (which might be handy…)
– Don’t be sketchy; if the run seems odd or dishonest in any way, I will be biased and disqualify it.


(There probably will be bugs in my mod. I’ll try to fix them… maybe)

Did you know subscribing is free? Pretty neat, you should check it out!

#Fundy #Minecraft

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53 Responses

  1. Fundy says:

    Get that cool browser called Opera GX here!


  2. Neko Koishi says:

    Can’t wait for the “Mildly Annoying” difficulty where it adds minor inconvenience into the game.

  3. Interac says:

    I’m genuinely impressed that Fundy didn’t get annoyed while making this difficulty.

  4. OwO says:

    If you have a friend who likes to troll/grief. NEVER try to beat this mod with them.

  5. Thomas1471 says:

    There a slight mistake at 8:23-8:26, the temperature needed to melt iron is shown in Fahrenheit, the furnace uses Celsius.

  6. The GamerTAG218 says:

    Fundy can make something so annoying, and yet I still love it.

  7. Taliats says:

    My only real complaint is that obsidian is really light and fragile irl, it is just volcanic glass. Would be funny if it had a chance to shatter when you attempt to mine it.

  8. Mxdoesstuffs says:

    How can he NOT be annoyed while making something SO annoying

  9. Pixelcraftian says:

    If you ever plan on making another annoying difficulty, PLEASE add the Mario Kaizo blocks it’d be so funny

  10. Tylertoons says:

    It’s always a good day when Fundy makes a new difficulty for someone to throw themselves ar for money.

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