SOUTH PARK: New Exclusive Event | Coming Oct. 27th, 2023

SOUTH PARK: New Exclusive Event | Coming Oct. 27th, 2023

Cartman’s deeply disturbing dreams portend the end of the life he knows and loves. The adults in South Park are also wrestling with their own life decisions as the advent of AI is turning their world upside down. Stream the new South Park exclusive event on Friday, Oct. 27 in the US and Canada, and internationally on Saturday, Oct. 28, only on Paramount+.

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About South Park: South Park is the Emmy and Peabody-award winning animated series co-created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone about four boys living in one screwed-up Colorado mountain town. Between local and global tragedies, as well as parental and celebrity interference, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny manage to have themselves a time.

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44 Responses

  1. HappyDawg says:

    We need South Park more than ever

  2. Howard McTroy says:

    I love Kyle’s incredulous speechlessness when he’s told he’s the problem for pointing out the shallowness and stupidity of changing a character’s race and gender.

    • Joseph Raymond says:

      would be funny if kyle replied trying to twist it “Are you saying i’m the problem because i’m jewish”

    • Pundit07 says:

      @Joseph Raymond
      Honest to god, I’ve been wondering why he didn’t use that response way back in Season 19 when PC Principal was introduced and was constantly harassing him

    • Joseph Raymond says:

      @Pundit07 i feel like that response could only work once so he’s probably saving it till the right moment and maybe with cartman not there to make fun of him he could play that card

    • Man In The Trenchcoat says:

      ​@Pundit07 I mean, Jimmy used his disability to his favor when PCP tried to censor him. Maybe they didn’t want to be redundant.

  3. Just a young BBC living says:

    They never fail to do social commentary perfectly

  4. Stefan C says:

    I love South Park. Even it’s worst season is better then most shows!

  5. luis angel ruiz serrano says:

    I always feel validated when Trey and Matt agree that somethings is ridiculous

    • SpaceShipOrion says:

      I kinda hope they namedrop Velma

    • BodiButter says:

      I can feel that. Like I’m all for supporting others likes and stuff but sometimes it can just become dumb and gladly Matt and Trey do it the right way instead of throwing it together in a way hoping it “makes sense” love their writing skills.

  6. Princess Lunamoon19 says:

    South Park never disappoints the audience expectations😂

  7. Jimmy Paradox says:

    I remember my grandmother saying to me, “I don’t care what they tell you in school, Cartman was a black woman.”

  8. Hunter Whitman says:

    I’m glad South Park is getting a remake for modern audiences.

  9. South Park Studios says:

    Stream the new South Park exclusive event on Friday, Oct. 27 in the US and Canada and internationally on Saturday, Oct.28, only on Paramount+.

  10. 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐍𝐈☆ says:

    You guys never fail to make political and other topics funny!! Stay awesome Trey and Matt and to your amazing crew!!

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