Islam Makhachev’s reaction to Alexander Volkanovski replacing Charles Oliveira at UFC 294 | DC & RC

Islam Makhachev’s reaction to Alexander Volkanovski replacing Charles Oliveira at UFC 294 | DC & RC

Islam Makhachev’s reaction to Alexander Volkanovski replacing Charles Oliveira at UFC 294 | DC & RC

Daniel Cormier interviews Islam Makhachev following the news regarding Charles Oliveira dropping out of UFC 294 and Alexander Volkanovski stepping in.


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54 Responses

  1. Emerson Cage says:

    All the respect to Islam & Volk for accepting this short notice fight… These guys are a different breed of fighters for sure 🔥🙌

  2. setitfree78 says:

    The interaction between DC and Islam is like watching 2 brothers joke with eachother. Heartwarming to see.

  3. Chiela K says:

    Khabib: “If u can bring King Kong, and he can make 155, let’s go!”

    Islam: “If u can bring DC, and he can make 155, let’s go!”

  4. R32WP says:

    Islam and Volk both taking this fight on short notice without hesitation is incredible. And with these 2 I don’t really think a training camp matters

    • pistol pete says:

      It’s a fight.
      You sound like they split the atom

    • Dmitriy Nguyen says:

      You cannot really say Islam is taking this fight on a short notice. The dude had a 12 week camp

    • Hassan Attar says:

      ​@pistol peterelax dude

    • Red Hoth Chili Peppers says:

      @Dmitriy NguyenStill, changing your opponent last minute when your entire training camp has been geared towards another opponent really does throw a monkey wrench into the mix. And the change isn’t just any fighter, it’s freaking Volk! While I think Islam will probably do well, you can’t deny that Islam is also at a disadvantage here as well, at least on paper.

      Also, I don’t believe Jon Jones ever accepted a late change of opponent before either. If the GOAT doesn’t like doing that, what does that say about Islam’s decision and even Volk’s?

    • Henny Spiderman says:

      @Dmitriy NguyenCharles is a way different style to train for than Volk. If anything Islam will have an advantage with the conditioning

  5. Backenddrak says:

    Dc doing the show on what looks like a train is crazy. Respect to Dc for the dedication he shows this sport once in a lifetime guy

    • freeman says:

      He’s paid to.

    • Latrell Spencer - The White Girl Slayer says:

      I know he gets paid
      But it’s easier when you love the thing

    • Clint Spinster says:

      Let’s be honest what else can you do on a train and get paid for it, that ain’t dedication g it’s boredom😂

    • Cade Beek says:

      @Latrell Spencer – The White Girl Slayer Dc doesn’t love it tho lol. It’s exactly why he got called out by Cruz by not doing his 1 job which is to research about the fighters and actually know what he’s talking about other than the wrestling aspect

  6. bryce arell says:

    “If you want to stop him (Volk) you have to choke him or knock him out. This guy gonna fight 5 rounds. I cannot say this about Oliveira, because if you make him feel a little bit, he always give up. But this guy (Volk), he’s gonna fight 5 rounds.”


  7. KittyKittyBangBang says:

    I would not be surprised if Volk kind of suspected something like this would happen and has been preparing. Both these guys are tanks. Machines. Respect to both. Massive, massive respect

    • Aye Man says:

      Absolutely, I think he saw this gap as the only oppertunity for a rematch and he does not want to miss it. Honestly this is what everyone wanted from the get go, the Charles hype is so fake it meant nothing

    • PackmanPackman3336 says:

      I doubt he was ready. After his last fight he said he was gonna take a break until Jan. volk never takes breaks so I hope he’s not to out of shape a week and a half out

    • Daniel Jordan says:

      I kinda thought he was going to be back up.

    • Anonymous says:

      @PackmanPackman3336he meant taking a break from fighting lol guys like volk don’t ever stop training

  8. Usman Khan says:

    Islam and Cormier banter is always hilarious 😂

  9. Mr. E says:

    He gave Alex his respect and didn’t try to brush over it or undermine him. It sounds like the obvious thing to do, but so many fighters after they win become very dismissive of their previous opponents, even if it was a close fight.

  10. kevin schwart says:

    What a beast Makhachev is! He asked his manager to find him anybody. True champion mentality

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