Spider-Man Lotus – A Film Born From Spite

Spider-Man Lotus – A Film Born From Spite

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0:00 – Intro
1:33 – What is Spider-Man Lotus
4:50 – Review
28:16 – Buffy Time
34:24 – Back to Spider-Man

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46 Responses

  1. Killlerfang1 says:

    Finding out that all the drama was exposed because someone felt wronged at 10 years old is the craziest part of this whole saga to me

  2. Isaac says:

    To be fair, few things are comic book accurate than taking a beloved story arc from decades ago and running it into the ground.

    • Feather Snake says:

      *Sins Past has entered the chat*

    • Nzosaba Matenge says:

      ​@Feather SnakeSins past has been retconned, so it’s not a concern anymore

    • Ikariya Biollante says:

      ​@Feather Snakestill inconsolable over the fact that Mysterio and Harry basically got his dad high as balls and punked him into giving Mysterio backshots

    • Sera AvocadoArms says:

      Flashpoint literally Flashpoint literally Flashpoint. Do people working on Flash media know there are more stories to him than just Flashpoint? Like he isn’t just the multiverse/convenient reset character.

  3. Dane Otto says:

    Lighting seems to be the hardest thing to get right in micro budget movie. It’s straight up what makes a movie seems like a POS or a real motion picture

    • Ernesto Merino says:

      Specially if youre shooting outside, at night

    • You Tube says:

      This! As someone who’s worked on multiple projects with a microbudget, lighting can easily make or break so many scenes.

    • Anton A. says:

      Yeah. So how did a multi-million dollar production like the MCU manage to have the most blandest, lamest looking Spider-Man movies in existence? Even Marc Webb’s piss-poor movies had some decent look to them.

    • SupKamGur says:

      @Anton A.still looked like an actual movie with legitimate lightening. You know the thing that was being discussed, not the aesthetic design of the cinematography or production design.

  4. Kaena Choo says:

    I honestly completely agree with Marcus’s hatred of fans. It’s the sad truth.

    • Matías Aguilar says:

      Ikr? It’s really annoying when they can’t discern what they want from what’s compelling or engaging. It happened with Star Wars, it’s happened with Spider-Man and it ruins it all

    • Tony says:

      I’ve always said the worst thing studios can do is listen to fans

    • Miller Bough says:

      I think fans ruined Star Wars for me personally, so that comment resonated with me

    • Noonya Beezniss says:

      I dont, mods are the best and so good
      He’s clearly not a pc gamer and has no idea how crucial modders have been for years and years, keeping games alive and fixing them when the creators left them a mess

    • Matías Aguilar says:

      @Miller Bough same here, fans really are delusional

  5. MrSandwich2000 says:

    Spider-Man Lotus has really shown how unhealthy a lot of fans are in terms of engaging with Spider-Man media. It’s perfectly fine to not like the MCU Spider-Man films (or any Spider-Man adaptation, for that matter), but when that hatred is used as fuel to make a movie to spite something you don’t personally like, then it no longer feels sincere or honest. A fan-made piece of media should feel like a labor of love, not a way to one-up random YouTubers and directors.

    • Connor Radcliffe says:

      This might be an unpopular opinion but I feel it’s very similar to the current spider man comics today. whether its amazing spider man randomly killing off ms marvel or fans being overly toxic over the fact that MJ isn’t into Peter anymore, it’s not great

    • GetMeOuttaHere says:

      I wonder what Andrew Garfield and Jon Watts thought when they heard about the drama

    • AJ says:

      Yea, like u said it’s very indicative of the toxic relationship Spider-Man fans have with the character and it seems like they just want to him to be a depressed little shit the whole time. It also goes to show that fan opinions should be taken with a grain of salt (most of the time) because some guy typing behind a screen 9/10 knows nothing about what he’s criticizing, and should have no say in the direction a project should go.

    • Misael Barrientos says:

      Media in general*

    • Nzosaba Matenge says:

      It’s one of the reason many writers don’t want to write for Spider-man, even Chip Zdarsky who wrote one of the best modern Spider-man stories would rather write him guest appearing in Daredevil than a full book

  6. I'm *Invincible title card* says:

    This had the exact opposite effect of what Gavin wanted. It just made me appreciate MCU Spidey even more, because at least there they nail the tone of Spider-Man. This film felt like what modern comic book writers think Spider-Man is: All melodrama

    • Mario Angel Medina says:

      Reminds me of a phrase I once read on a review of a bad comic from the 90s “the brooding is shallow and melodramatic, like a kid or teenager imagining what adult feelings are like, except this was written by an adult. Its an adult trying to write what a kid thinks adult feelings are like, so I really don’t see the appeal of it”

    • I'm *Invincible title card* says:

      @Mario Angel Medina That sums it up perfectly.

    • Steve Schifini says:

      I thought so too. I missed likable Spidey.

    • scarlet hottie says:

      It reminds me of something an English professor of mine said-

      modern comic writers tend to ‘smooth out’ the superhero genre into being soap opera real-life contrasted with swashbuckling adventure superhero life

      yet if you actually look at those original Marvel runs of Jack Kirby/Stan Lee/Steve Ditko, the tone is much more of a sitcom real-life contrasted with a violent noir superhero life.

      imo, the MCU Spidey films nailed this. It took me a while to appreciate MCU Spidey because I wanted something like Spectacular, while the MCU decided to remix everything instead

      yet part of that remix is that they revived that original tone/style of the Lee/Ditko run, where it’s slippy cute funny stuff for Peter where mortifying mistakes are resolved in comical ways, and ‘oh shit’ hardboiled crime drama for Spider-Man where the mistakes just compound and get bigger

  7. GEEKFREAK01 says:

    “Most brown haired white boys love spider man.”
    As a 22 year old brown haired white male who loves spider-man, I approve of Marcus’s commentary

  8. Zéz says:

    Amazing. The guy promised to do the best fan film ever, got a hundred thousand dollars, he was adapting his favorite super hero, but still he didn’t bother to study a simple screenplay structure. He just assumed he could write better than professionals.

  9. Sydney Schneider says:

    “my dad wasn’t around much, but when he was…he was around” incredible writing 10/10

    • Spam says:

      Omg i noticed that and thought I *must* have misheard. Truly the greatest piece of writing ever made.

    • Pocky says:

      Kinda like “People die when they are killed” from Fate/Stay Night

    • woodhawk109 says:

      @Pocky At least that line actually makes sense when you look at the entire sentence in context. It’s “People die when they are killed, that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

      The line was said by a character who was killed and brought back to life. He’s in shock that such a thing is possible and is trying to figure out why he wasn’t dead.

      The line in Spider-man Lotus just sounds like a first draft that never got revised

    • Noblesse Oblige says:

      ​@woodhawk109I mean, I got an entire meme folder of dumb phrases.
      That left hand isn’t a right hand. The berserker is berserk. For ages, dragon slayers were known as killers of dragons. The future just means it hasn’t happened yet. The pot calling the kettle black is because of something that doesn’t involve race. The archer class is made up of archers then? To an ant, you look like a very large giant- unless you’re ant-sized already. I’ll kill you in a way that keeps you alive before you die. Die before you’re killed. I wouldn’t die even if I was killed.

      And my personal favorite:
      “what do you mean I can’t kill him because he died???” told absolutely without irony or even context having it make sense.

      I just think sometimes people think of cool shit in the shower, write it down, and no one bothers to consider it later in the day.
      …. And yes, most of those examples are from something in the fate franchise. Probably coincidence… Cough…

  10. Arthur Durham says:

    The story about the kid who felt spited by the production is a better story than the movie itself

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