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  1. John Carcer says:

    The evolution of them from just messing around on SoundCloud to selling out tours all without the need of a label. Really proud for how far they got so far <3

  2. Cryytix says:

    This was beautifully shot. I’m so proud of the boy$ for coming so fucking far in these last almost 10 years. Being sober has definitely helped their creativity and just their overall vibe. I’ve been listening to them since highschool as a pissed off teenager and now I listen to them with such a different insight. I’m married and have a daughter now and I’m raising my daughter on their music. I’ve put my wife onto them as well and even took her to Grey Day 22 in New Orleans. Honestly without their music I don’t think I’d be here at all or where I am today. Thank you so much Scrim and Ruby 🙏🏼 I’m truly thankful and blessed to have discovered you guys

  3. Mr. Denials says:

    Давно хотелось увидеть подобный клип, тем более на такой трек, как этот. Очень рад видеть, как парни выросли за всё время своей карьеры и продолжают создавать новое, не разочаровывая нас. Спасибо, благодаря вам и вашему творчеству я всё ещё жив и стараюсь идти дальше, G59 till i die

  4. PNW Ripping says:

    The absolute evolution of $uicideboy$ has been beautiful, I’ve been so happy to be apart of the ride and to see what’s up and coming, thank you boy$ this is beautiful ❤️

  5. lisxxvsh666 says:

    it’s so nice to see you guys doing something new every time. in the songs, in the videos, everyone see how much effort you put in, it’s incredible.
    I am glad to see how you change over time, thank you for giving this opportunity to so many people whose life you saved.
    G59 till death

  6. Asphro says:

    You boys have been such an inspiration for me. Being able to jam out to your music and sing along always reminded me that others are going thru the same shit or even worse. Seeing y’all come up the way you have really emphasised to me that no matter the bullshit life throws at us, we all have the chance to make it worthwhile. Much love from your Texas boys!

  7. Cee Crypto says:

    No other artists can compare to what y’all have done for both me and others, I speak for everyone when I say it’s indescribable how proud we are to see the creativity y’all are producing and the effort that goes into every project – Grey 59 militia

    • U R Gaiey says:

      Fr I’m glad tiktok gave them the fame they deserve

    • p.e.l.z.e.l.a says:

      ​@U R Gaieybruh that’s not even funny

    • Cryytix says:

      @p.e.l.z.e.l.aI mean he’s not technically wrong. Without tiktok they wouldn’t have reached a wider audience. Tiktok helps a lot of artists be discovered. Though it’s still fuck tiktok I’m glad we still have new fans falling in love with the boys just like we did because without them they wouldn’t be nearly as successful as they’ve become in the last 4-5 years

  8. Kaleb Moreno says:

    I’m so proud of the boys you guys have done so much for so many of us. Thank you from us all please never stop making music 🙏🙏🙏
    G59 TILL I DIE ❤

  9. Andrei says:

    We are so proud of you guys, really! Thank you for your music and for your example of how people change for the better! Greetings from Romania🇷🇴

  10. Telki Behemot says:

    vocês merecem todo esse reconhecimento, parabéns garotos, estarei de FTP em meu caixão cor cinzenta

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