Starbase Tour with Elon Musk [PART 2]

Starbase Tour with Elon Musk [PART 2]

Join me as I take a tour of SpaceX’s Starbase facility with Elon Musk as our tour guide! This is part 2 of 3, so stay tuned, there’s another one coming!

If you need some notes on this video with key points, check out our article –

Need a rundown on Starship? I’ve got you covered with our “Complete Guide to Starship”

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Tent 1 // Raptors
05:00 – Failure and the Space Shuttle
08:35 – Launch Escape Systems
10:50 – Tent 2
13:00 – Heat Shield Talk
16:20 – 1st Orbital Test
26:26 – Tent 3 // Nose Cones
37:40 – S20 Nose Cone // Reentry
51:00 – 69.420
54:00 – Grid Fin talk / Control Authority
59:55 – Outro


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41 Responses

  1. Wham Baam Teslacam says:

    I’m deeply impressed by your knowledge and interviewing skills Tim! Even Elon seems impressed 👍feels so natural, like you are best buds 👌

    • hanetar says:

      @Artur Koslinski There were plenty of them. Are you really that dumb you don’t see it?

    • Maky 6969 says:

      You should see the first interview of Tim on Elon on the first unveiling of Starship.. The interview was a fascinating and very informative.

    • Mark Scheuern says:

      @hanetar What is “dumb” is being unable to make your point without resorting to insults.

    • Rich Wojehowski says:

      Tim’s knowledge really shows Elon that he not just a casual observer and like with many reporters this is not just another assignment. Nothing worse or more cringy then asking someone like Elon, “so how exactly just a rocket fly?”. I think the interview would be over at that point not only for Elon but for anyone watching as well.

    • ken 1 says:

      @karl karlsson And Tim doesn’t pretend to be a professional engineer. Just an enthusiastic and self educated amateur which is fine. I thought he did a great job and gave Elon plenty of space to explain.

  2. Infinite Space says:

    The knowledge Elon has and the fact that he is so involved with his company is second to none! It is insane that he self-taught himself literal rocket science, and nowq he’s leading humanity’s space exploration.

    • rickitek gaaso says:

      you just need the basic principles of science and math. after that you can self taught any subject

    • tribalypredisposed says:

      Imagine Jeff Bezos, who founded Blue Origin two years before Elon Musk started SpaceX, trying to give a similar tour and interview…

    • illlDCllli says:

      @Rafael Aguiar If you don’t recognize he’s a genius, that says a lot more about you than it does about him. Trust me, people are able to recognize these things, and you’re demonstrating that you’re not able to.

    • Revolting Kittah says:

      You know that you can learn stuff without uni? It’s not that difficult when not running the grade threadmill. It actually becomes fun.

    • w3w3w3 says:

      hahahaha yes he is leading humanitys space exploration :facepalm: … hahaha. Nasa… USSR..

  3. BRUXXUS says:

    One thing I really appreciate about Elon is that he’s not afraid to say “I don’t know”.

    • Erik Koning says:

      I dont appreciate it becuase i expect it from everyone.

    • DennisTheDude says:

      He’s also not afraid of underpaying his employees while his net worth is higher than the GDP of some western countries, or overthrown democracies, or where he gets his lithium from, or being one of the 3 wealthiest people on earth, who horded as much money as about half of the entire population of the US, while not coming anywhere near their tax rate. Idk what’s sadder. His actions, or the fact that he will always be defended no matter what.

    • Mat7can 10 says:

      @DennisTheDude source?

    • Mat7can 10 says:

      @DennisTheDude and your lithium statement is kinda stupid

    • DennisTheDude says:

      @Mat7can 10 “source?
      ” For what?

      And what is kind of ridiculous objection is that? What’s stupid?

      You literally proved my point.

  4. subasurf says:

    He’s so awkward at times until you realise that it’s not awkwardness, it’s just a guy considering a question before replying.
    Although sometimes he does just seem like a robot running a search routine for an appropriate response, and I’m totally okay with that 😆

    These long form casual interviews are really good for Elon’s image, in my opinion.

    Great job running the interview.

    • blackf1ng3r says:

      He’s not so much awkward as unrehearsed .
      I love watching the wheels turning …

    • Jean Roch says:

      I think that’s because any other CEO interview is basically an interviewer who doesn’t know the subject matter asking questions that were written for him by the CEO, who has rehearsed the answers written by his marketing and legal department. It’s so boring I no longer watch any. Seen a few hundreds, seen them all. Better just Google what you need to know. Musk is very refreshing in that regard. He’s the epitome of “thinking on your feet”.

    • David Beppler says:

      I am sure these awesome interviews will tank Tesla stock 5%. Stock analysts are retarded. Using the medical term.

    • barath4545 says:

      @Jean Roch I know a Senior PA (he has two PAs) for a global CEO of a bank.
      The part with questions written for the interviewer is not always true, but the rehearsed answers approved by marketing and legal, is. They would not risk an interview with blind questions, and should one come up, they have a “brush off” rehearsed say-nothing answer to that ready too.

    • Kyle says:

      seems like a super authentic dude to me

  5. Skram Inc says:

    “starship doesn’t have people on board; so we can blow things up. that’s very helpful” – what a legend

  6. Aeron Knutson says:

    It is a win, win for everyone. You can get the sense that Elon is benefiting from this interview with Tim, when explaining things from an outside perspective. Sometimes the best way to learn is by teaching. Elon, and Tim, thank you for doing such a great interview together!

    • Caellum O'Cinneide says:

      the best way to learn IS teaching

    • Rocketplumber says:

      When I was mentoring interns at XCOR, I called it the inverse Socratic method. Every time they asked me questions that made me stop to think, I learned a lot myself. The student-teacher relationship benefits both people _and_ their organization.

    • GT22 says:

      Exactly!! When speaking to someone else you get to air out your thoughts and reflect and correct/improve.

  7. Bob Frazier says:

    The Smithsonian is going to need a way bigger building. This is historic.

  8. Jon Chan says:

    “If it doesn’t blow up, you have to find a spot to store it.”
    “Dry weight with or without air?”
    “The one thing you can’t replace is time.”
    Tim, this series is so valuable to the entire internet because we get to see what kind of man can change the world with such passion. Elon just thinks so differently. The majority of us think stuff he says is insane, but then after he explains it, it becomes the only logical way.

    • Phil Audiostrike says:

      Its mentally soothing

    • cdrbmw says:

      well explained. i could not agree more

    • Pepper Canmore says:

      Those were comments that caught my ear as well, I love the way he thinks! All of these comments come from lessons learned, in life and during Starship development. “If it doesn’t blow up, you have to find a place to store it”, was probably not something Musk thought of before Starship.

    • Rubik Monat says:

      For want of a better word without the negative connotations: ruthlessly logical.

  9. Norman A says:

    Complete mind blowing history here. Elon is really being a generous as possible ++ to inspire present and futue generations through your young enthusiasm and interest

  10. VEE3RDEYE says:

    The fact you two have become friends is blowing my mind

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