Starfield:10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

Starfield:10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

Starfield (PC, Xbox Series X/S) is releasing soon, so here’s everything you need to know before launch and reviews.
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0:00 Intro
0:16 Number 10
2:30 Number 9
5:17 Number 8
6:24 Number 7
7:47 Number 6
9:08 Number 5
10:54 Number 4
12:06 Number 3
12:53 Number 2
1403 Number 1

14:56 Bonus

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46 Responses

  1. Alex Waddington says:

    You can always count on gameranx being informative and not spoilertive

    • Torchlight31 says:

      Arguable if these are things any “NEEDS TO KNOW” though.

    • 𝚊 𝚕 𝚎 𝚡 𝚒 𝚊 says:

      This entire video is a regurgitation of what we’ve already seen lol

    • A B says:

      Who cares about spoilers in a Bethesda game? You’re likely never seeing the end of the main campaign anyways

    • Alex Waddington says:

      @A B I’ll do it once. I have thousands of hours in Skyrim, but made sure to do it once.

    • DHunter47 says:

      John 3:16
      King James Version
      16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  2. originalboxelder says:

    I’m cautiously excited. I’m convinced there is a lot to do I’m just worried how fun and rewarding it’ll be on a moment to moment basis. I hope the gameplay is fun enough to make me want to explore this giant world for 100+ hours.

    • guily6669 says:

      I had like 400hours on Skyrim and haven’t seen much of the map at all and off course never finished it…

      If this is really good would be enough to keep playing on another life and still never finish it 😂

      And if it allows to steal stuff = bye bye life cause on Skyrim I spent countless hours stealing the entire first castle and almost all the houses and bars around it 😎

    • ha says:

      @guily6669 this is what I’m scare. IF its like fallout or skyrim. I think those games are boring.

    • K P says:

      First sentence has been my attitude towards the entire industry the last few years lol

    • thief widow says:


    • guily6669 says:

      @ha doesn’t look like it, at least in gameplay seems like a good upgrade.

      Bethesda never had good gameplay, Skyrim I was mostly with swords and was just smashing one button and it’s the whole time like attack 1, attack 2, attack 3, restart and keep doing it 4 ever but I still played it for hundreds of hours.

      Never liked fallout either but kinda liked the Fallout 4 with mods.

      I like is the world design and many other stuff like exploration on Skyrim which now will probably be the biggest ever and with a much better gameplay finally and it’s in space 😎

  3. ty steven says:

    Super stoked for this new entry in Bethesdas lineup. Their games have always been highly enjoyable for me. And now a space exploration game?! Hell yes

  4. Jimes Tooper says:

    Man it feels good to be excited about a Bethesda release again. Just like old times:)

  5. paul thomas says:

    Freelancer, one of the best space sims that ended up being a major inspiration for Star Citizen, had cut scene landings and I honestly loved them.

    • Daniel Prudhoe says:

      Do you mean a major inspiration for that game that will never be released, and the developers are conning millions of dollars out of people for?

    • Ric says:

      ​@Daniel Prudhoewe aren’t talking about elderscrolls 6

    • A. Trance says:

      @Ric ah yes, because people have been pre-ordering elder scrolls 6 left and right. Certainly not Star Citizen.

    • GeoRyukaiser says:

      @Daniel Prudhoe I’m not convinced Star Citizen is a genuine con, more just horribly managed. Why? Because unlike actual cons, like Earth 2, actual original work is being put into the product.

    • Satan says:

      @Daniel Prudhoe You mean the game that millions of dollars went into that has created a playable albeit buggy but nonetheless fun original space sim that millions of people can currently play?

  6. Magic mushroom says:

    The thing that excites me about the sheer number of explorable planets is that given it’s a Bethesda game you can 100% expect some wacky unmarked Easter eggs in the most random spots across the planets and I feel like people are going to be finding new ones for years after this games release

  7. Matt McNicholas says:

    Frankly I don’t mind cut scene landings as I would do more damage to my ship trying to land than in a dogfight in space.

    • andys coming says:

      Lmao right??

    • Rogue Kurosaki's Library says:

      My advice, coming from a veteran PlanetSide 2 Valkryie Main, Use your Thrust to “jump” instead of landing directly. I’d rather Hover for a minute than Crash in a Second. Applies to No Man’s Too, if I find this comment after Starfield’s Release I will update e_e

      Edit: Remember to point your nose slightly above the horizon level when jumping and vice versa; point down just as slightly when falling until you level out with your horizon. No need to bobble head either lol.

    • ChickenYouAte says:

      honestly. While flying into planets might be cool for the first 100. If i’m trying to explore all 1000, i feel like i’ll get bored just flying into them and trying to land

    • Denis Brooker says:

      At least give the option I guess. I would prefer the immersion of landing each time.

    • FullMetal B says:

      ​@ChickenYouAtethat sounds insane to me.

  8. AJ Draws says:

    I love it when you guys do these Things You Need to Know before games release. It adds to the hype, but is always measured enough so that our hype isn’t amplified beyond what is realistic.

  9. Ray says:

    I have a feeling this is going to be a very smooth big release. So much reputation is riding on it. They heard the complaints. Also the confidence they have shown by releasing the game so early to YouTube people I think is a very good sign. Also gave them a chance to fix the last bugs found by random people with a day 1 patch. I would imagine this goes very smoothly overall unless somehow it crashes on certain graphic cards by mistake or something they didn’t test for.

    • Oren Bartal says:

      Every impression leak from people who played the game was increadibly positive. We are in for a treat!

    • Brei says:

      @Oren BartalI still remember a lot of positive 1st impressions for CP before it released too though.. don’t they literally ban them from saying bad things with an nda so they can only speak about the positives pre release…??? Still hopefull it will be great but until the nda’s are over, hard to take anything people say about it too seriously.. Been burtn too many times 😛 Keen for the game especially as on game pass but so many other great ones at the moment that I won’t be phased if I don’t like it for any reason.

    • Central Based Agency says:

      No preorders .
      Wait august 31st for reviews when the embargo is done.

    • Oren Bartal says:

      @Brei There are a few people who are playing the game that are not under NDA (just people who got the physical game on the Series X eariler) – all their impressions are extremely positive. But you are right, we’ll make our own impressions after playing this game.

    • Bobbyblunt 420 says:

      Laughs in fallout 77 😂

  10. Rhys Jones says:

    Honestly the cutscene transitions for entering and landing ships is probably a good idea, definitely means the ships should have more detailed interiors and be less buggy

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