Can GM Golf and I Break 58?

Can GM Golf and I Break 58?

Can GM Golf and I Break 58?

GM Golf: @gmgolf
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The Crushers: @CrushersGC

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20 Responses

  1. Bryson DeChambeau says:

    Wonder what we could do from the reds? 👀

  2. Humphrey Yang says:

    this is a sick collab

  3. MerauderFPS says:

    Really cool to see Bryson’s thinking compared to Garrett’s. Where a couple yards on the rangefinder don’t make the difference for Garrett, it’s everything to Bryson.

    • Poor Randall says:

      the difference between pros and amateurs in a nutshell

    • Asian Import says:

      It’s crazy how pinpoint-accurate some pros are. There’s a TaylorMade video with Scottie Scheffler where he guesses his yardage within 1-2 yards almost every shot. Even with his driver/woods. It was insane!

  4. George Spalding says:

    Bryson is truly playing at the highest level of any player in the world right now. His ball-striking and his putting skills are world class.

  5. Chip Satterly says:

    Bryson is a LOT of fun to watch!! Healthy hand, NEW driver and a TON of confidence after his 58 at Greenbrier!!

  6. Jackson Estey says:

    It’s crazy how good this guy is at golf knowing how far to bring the club back each time hitting the perfect distance each time

  7. Adrian Per says:

    Absolutely insane. Theres great youtube golfers, then theres elite golfers like Bryson who also does youtube. You really see the levels between not just a pro, but a pro that wins. Youtube golf needed this

  8. Alan Fein says:

    That was great. Shooting a 56 and leaving a few shots out there is incredible. Kudos to Bryson for playing with other YouTubers and making content for us to enjoy. He’s a top 10 golfer and so humble and fun to watch. Thank you

  9. Itz Cosmic says:

    This collab just felt so natural. Great video Bryson, you’re definitely one of my favorite golfers with all the dedication you put into showing content while maintaining to be one of the best pros in golf. Keep it up man!

  10. Mike Camire says:

    It is insane to see the difference between a good golfer and a pro. So fun to watch.

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