Stephen A. Smith weighs in on Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless’ teary goodbye

Stephen A. Smith weighs in on Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless’ teary goodbye

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43 Responses

  1. PioneerBlue says:

    Shannon’s a true professional. He gives respect where it’s due, and keeps the personal stuff behind closed doors.

  2. cjpreach says:

    Best part of Shannon’s goodbye speech was his respect toward all the people behind the scenes who never get their name called out publicly.

  3. Brad Stewart says:

    Those emotions were not fake. It was a touching moment. Good stuff all around.

  4. Drew Fletch says:

    Shannon is a role model and a class act! Definitely someone youngsters should look up to

  5. Moni💕 says:

    Shannon can easily land a spot on any NFL show. He’s one of a kind.

  6. FE Grace says:

    Shannon’s statements and behavior on his last day of work was a masterclass on being a professional to the end! He didn’t just think those at the top or front and center. He took the time to thank all of the supporting staff that contribute to making the show such a success!

    Just because some people are capable of expressing a wide range of emotions (unlike you swing from extremes of monotone to bombastic) and articulating their thought doesn’t mean there aren’t Alpha males out there that can’t.

    I only tuned into the show for Shannon so I look forward to seeing where I will be watching him next! I absolutely hope he doesn’t play second fiddle on your show because your ego can’t handle anyone else being the lead, and being able to stand firm on their viewpoint.

  7. elias jose says:

    Shannon sharpe is a genuine good hearted guy

  8. Ronald Scott says:

    I disagree with what SAS said about some people thinking that Shannon Sharpe’s tears were fake. I think that he was genuinely emotional when saying goodbye. His gratitude to Skip Bayless fighting to get him on Undisputed was real and heartfelt. They may have had a fallout, but Shannon expressed his gratitude to Skip and I applaud him for that. Even when things go bad in the end, never forget those who helped you in the beginning. I wish Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless the best.👍👍

  9. Dr. J says:

    Shannon was genuinely moved by the relationships that he developed with everyone he touched coming into the building each day. He took his time and acknowledged each person, no matter what role they played from the security person, to the person who brought him breakfast. There was no one too small in his eyes. He is a consummate professional and an even better human being. It is unfortunate that Skip was the catalyst for his departure. This will hurt Skip more than Shannon professionally, in my opinion. The lesson here is that even though someone plays a role in providing you with an opportunity, this does not give you license to disrespect them publicly. He is grateful to Skip, as is Stephen A., but I suspect that both gentlemen outgrew Skip’s antics and took their talents to the next level.

    • AerykB 13 says:


    • RMelo23 says:

      that’s crazy you took the time out of your day to write absolute nonsense. people grow and move on . stop trying to create imaginary beef between people you don’t even know

    • Andrew says:

      @RMelo23 belittling a man accomplishments on live tv is definitely fake beef

    • RMelo23 says:

      @Andrew shannon himself said they moved on from that . if the people involved moved on so should you . or you believe shannon is a liar ? it’s one of the two

    • TheIVth says:

      @RMelo23 Shannon was liking tweets a couple of days ago calling skip an asshole and control freak. He doesn’t like skip. He’s just playing the game and being professional. Skip burned a bridge and crossed the line and I don’t blame Shannon at all for wanting to leave.

  10. Babylon says:

    Shannon is really funny and talented in front of the camera! I think he needs his own show to have guests on!

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