Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 5

Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 | Part 5

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26 Responses

  1. Tavarish says:

    Get PayPal Honey for FREE today►
    Honey finds coupons with one click. Thanks to Honey for sponsoring!

  2. ChrisFix says:

    Good thing you can find those modules because I was wondering how you would source them without losing your arms and legs to McLaren.

  3. Michael Tedeschi says:

    Seeing that entire dashboard come out, the front come off, the internal guts of the P1…. this has got to be the most wild episode so far. It’s like being in an operating room watching surgery being done. Also, those guys at V Engineering were really cool, hope we see them again later on in the series

  4. ClassicChrille says:

    These V-Engineering guys are a godsend! This guys was so chill and was giving such good advice. Really hope we see them more in the future!

  5. DPR Games says:

    Man, you are really writing history here. When the mclaren is build, this one is the most unique one

  6. Bart Schraepen says:

    This is the most exciting video series about people applying skills I will never possess, to a car I couldn’t possibly own, ever! I’m hyped as f*ck to see the progression that is being made, awesome!

  7. Thomas Assim-ita says:

    Tavarish will definitely bring back this flooded P1 to life. I love the progress being made here❤

  8. AZ Cycle Parts says:

    Glad to help! Let us know what else you may need to get this epic build done.

  9. Mr Harry says:

    This has to be seriously stressful.

    However did you expect one of the most expensive and complicated rebuilds in the world to be anything but…..

    Kudos to him and good luck.
    I wish him all the very best.

    Hard work and determination always prevails…..and in this case a TITANIC load of cash.

  10. Alex Gray says:

    Absolutely love these restoration videos! Love the positivity. This is definitely going to be the most famous P1 in existence when you get it running.

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