Steve-O Eats His Last Meal

Steve-O Eats His Last Meal

Today, Josh is cooking Steve-O’s last meal.

0:00 Steve-O’s Last Meal Menu
1:01 Colonoscopy Prep
2:04 Have You Thought About Your Last Meal Before?
3:08 Existence Is A Cruel Prank
4:05 1st Course – Monster Munch & Vegan Spinach Dip
4:45 Steve-O Takes Off His Pants
6:29 True Love & Steve-O’s New Comedy Special
8:44 Steve-O Calls Himself A Distraction Therapist
9:59 Do You Believe In An Afterlife?
12:00 Embarrassed By A Rich Dad
13:31 2nd Course – Lobster, Mashed Potatoes, & Liquid Death
15:10 Addictive Tendencies
16:22 Johnny Knoxville’s Intervention With Steve-O
18:20 Commitment To Sobriety
19:32 Genuine Joy
20:06 3rd Course, Grilled Cheese, Tempura Roll, & Hot Sauce For Your Butthole
22:33 Therapy & Sex Addition
23:40 Do You Think You’re Underestimated By People?
24:39 4th Course – Pecan Pie With Melted Reese’s & Hot Coffee
25:50 Aging Is A Party Foul
27:02 When A Parent Suffers
30:24 Who’s The One Person You’d Want To Share Your Last Meal With?
30:56 Which Jackass Co-Star Would You Kick In The Nuts?
31:13 What’s Your Greatest Regret?
31:47 Are You Happy?
33:22 Steve-O’s Last Words

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40 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    I love the guests who don’t just say “yes” that they’re happy. Babish and Steve-o had the most real answers and it’s nice to see people be honest

    • Jonathan says:

      I’m confused so if someone says they’re happy they aren’t being honest?

    • Ben F says:

      ​@Jonathan-cz4ky not necessarily, but it feels like something you’re supposed to say ya know?

    • Kate says:

      @Jonathan they didn’t just yes I’m happy and grateful for my life, which may be an honest answer – they specifically delve into how happiness is fleeting and discuss how it isn’t a constant state. They haven’t ‘achieved’ happiness because of or despite their success, they acknowledge it’s a transitory state we all experience coming and going

    • Jonathan says:

      @Kate …isn’t that common sense? Happiness…is an emotion. Emotions are naturally fleeting. So exactly why does someone need to delve into the particularities of that? If the answer *currently* is yes I truly am struggling to see an issue with that.

  2. hinz antonio says:

    steveo says he doesn’t know what his purpose is, but seriously seeing him pull himself out of addiction is one of the most inspiring things, ever.

    • DemonCipher13 says:

      The crazy thing is, he’s way, way beyond addiction, now. He’s entering role model territory. Who ever would have guessed that he’d be anywhere near that conversation? What he’s chosen to do with his life, and the people that love him, it’s nothing short of remarkable.

    • Eric Loerch says:

      It gives a lot of hope.

    • madness7968 says:

      He’s honestly such a dope and sweet man, I’m sure all of us are thankful he’s doing well and thriving!

  3. GreyGryphon says:

    Man I would love John Green to come on this. His profound relationship with existential dread and death and the pondering of such, his mental health and all of that… also just… yeah. I hope John comes out with a book eventually and comes on this show.

  4. JC says:

    Last Meal is steadily following the trajectory of Hot Ones with these awesome guests. Can’t wait for the show to blow up one day

  5. ejaybugboy3 says:

    I’d really love to see Brennan Lee Mulligan on here. See his thoughts on life and death as a whole, break down the magic of D&D and why being a Dungeon Master is something that called to him. Also I feel the energy between him and Josh would be amazing.

  6. Parker Greenwood says:

    I grew up watching this man do the craziest things imaginable. He’s come a long way and is an inspiration in a totally different way now. He’s got so much love and has a unique way of expressing it.

    • Chuggy Huggy says:

      Well said. He’s doing great things and it makes me happy. Seeing the opposing situation with bam makes me sad.

  7. Andrew Branch says:

    As an Englishman, thank you for giving our pickled onion passion a little love!

  8. Minh Khôi says:

    I love this series very much.
    Josh has been incredible, he connects with the guests very well (especially Tom Hanks, Posty and John Boyega episodes)
    Phenomenal works from Josh and the crew, hope that you could invite Gordon Ramsay and Sean Evans to the show, it would be epic 😊

  9. JT16 says:

    i love how real this show keeps itself, they ask the real questions n they aren’t afraid to get involved in what might be uncomfortable

  10. Kevin Kostka says:

    Steve-O has slowly become an inspiration in recent years. Not with the wild and crazy stuff, but with his ability to be relatively honest about himself. It takes a lot to be able to look at addiction and emotional issues and put it on yourself as a path towards controlling them. I hope things keep going up for him. Thank you, Josh[ and crew], for yet another episode of this show that just nails it.

    • Varemia says:

      He really highlights that you can’t just coast through your problems in life. Being in control of yourself takes work, and you don’t have to enjoy it all the time. But every problem you beat by working through it is a win, and worth being proud of.

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