Animated Short: A Flash | Honkai: Star Rail

Animated Short: A Flash | Honkai: Star Rail

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Year 7380 Star Calendar, Jingliu, the mara-stricken swordmaster of the Luofu, slashed her way out of Starskiff Haven, cutting through the Cloud Knights tasked to subdue her before vanishing in the mist of history.

Year 8096 Star Calendar, a young soldier named Yanqing rose to fame from the tournament hosted by the Seat of Divine Foresight, and was conferred the rank of Cloud Knight Lieutenant.

“The years pass in a flash, cups of wine the only solace.”

A fleeting flash — thus is the speed of swift blades as the master and her student spar, and thus is the passage of the unceasing torrent of time.

Just how long has it been?

His duel with his master, centuries ago, still rippled like a memory from yesterday.

But the few years between now and when he took in the boy as his student felt like a lifetime.

Time gallops, swift as a stallion, sudden as a lightning strike, agonizing as a blade that runs him through. And yet, it feels like everything has always been the same.

Production: miHoYo Anime
Co-Production: Fantasier Animation, Studio ppuri
Original Score: HOYO-MiX

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45 Responses


    Trailblazers we’re not just eating a meal, we’re having a wholeass banquet with snacks and a 4 course meal

  2. Эмили Аккерман says:

    Этот ролик заставил меня любить Яньцина и Цзин Юаня ещё больше. Надеюсь, их не ждёт тот же конец 💔

  3. maplecakes says:

    At 2:50, I can’t get over how cool Jing Yuan’s Ultimate is. Alejandro Saab did such an amazing job voicing Jing Yuan. Now he voices two Generals and I’m living for it.

  4. LARPing Wolf says:

    Please don’t let history repeats itself come true. I don’t want yanqing and jing yuan fight against each other.

    • kubix4 says:

      As you are someone who lived through something like that, most likely you would have trauma after that, meaning you would never EVER, let that happen to you and your apprentice in that case, i bet, i wish goodluck to Jing Yuan

    • Bae says:

      I dont want Jin Yuan to die😔

    • Manohara Lisa says:

      @Bae Fu Xuan want to be Jing Yuan heir to become general.. maybe Fu Xuab vs Jing Yuan??

  5. Railan says:

    Now I really understand, why does he cherish his student so much…😢

  6. Ioan N says:

    When yanqing said he wanted to follow his footsteps, during that long pause i felt like yuan was imagining yanqing having to fight him, and him deciding to have yanqing spar against him in that moment was probably him trying to prepare yanqing

  7. Dead 346 says:

    Honestly,this feels like final lesson,student vs master,and we all know that final lesson ended just like this.

  8. jack liew says:

    Like Hoyoverse CEO once said,

    ” we are not just developing a game, we are creating a whole universe for player to connect”,

    Now look back to gaming era before Genshin, we should be lucky to have such excellent masterpieces. Thank you Hoyoverse, keep it up

    • Sayyid Ash-Habussunan says:

      good comment, no need to say Genshin is bad/Genshin is MiHoYo cashcow

    • Endlave says:

      @Sayyid Ash-Habussunan be that as it may, Genshin’s story is boring compared to Honkai’s which is such a shame. I, too, wanted to believe in it. But after three years, I eventually had to give up and accept that Genshin’s story is a mundane bore.

    • Flasher Zoom says:

      ​@Sayyid Ash-Habussunan but it’s soo true though man. Since genshin is such a big cash cow, Hoyoverse can focus on creating games with good stories and actually interesting characters.

    • Sam says:

      It’s seems that yall don’t read lore
      It’s not mundane atleasts
      It’s good not not as good as honkai

    • Nathanaël says:

      ​@Endlave Same…

  9. MSV FF says:

    Animation/Visual ✔️
    Score ✔️
    Voice Acting ✔️
    Story ✔️

    Hoyo never disappoint us with their products

  10. Morvik :D says:

    БОЖЕ КАК ЭТО ХОРОШО … пробирает до мурашек .. Хойоверсы поднимают планку все выше и выше

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