Steven Universes BIG BELLY

Steven Universes BIG BELLY

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32 Responses

    • Veracious Patriot says:

      Dude—epic regardless

    • Fies Ta says:

      18+ Content Melon-Jk.Monster

      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • Carlos Garcia says:

      You should do a paw patrol one where it starts out like the regular show with the pups being helpful but close to the end rider snaps to reality and we find out he’s a psychopath.

    • ScalySchisms says:

      Honestly, The kinda stuff you do on your second channel is really inspiring to watch. I like hearing more of your honest opinions and how you go about your work and all the projects in front of you. Keep doing you man.

    • JankoMorderca says:

      wait…. if you cant think of content for 1 channel how is starting second channel gonna help? wont that require you to upload twice as much content? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  1. Smile says:

    I respect meatcanyons quest to completely obliterate the childhood nostalgia of every generation.

    • Gyroll Avia says:

      Well, at least he hasn’t ruined my favourite franchise yet. he did ruin my second favourite one tho(Star wars)

    • Simple_ _Sigma says:

      @Naruto not Naruto man why 😭

    • D M says:

      what the fuck? did you even watch the video? Enjoy your new account, hope it didn’t cost too much.

    • MauiWowieOwie says:

      Childhood nostalgia? The show isn’t even a decade old. Also it’s a pretty stupid, forgettable show with an unlikable protagonist with even more unlikable side characters.

  2. Kendon Sigl says:

    I love how he draws himself. Not only does he make fun of everyone, bit he makes fun of himself and I fond that respectable. Meat, you have my loyalty as a fan

  3. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Will Smith: “I’m about to make your ass as bare as her head”
    YouTube: “That is too inappropriate”

    Actually, I’ve seen way worse from MeatCanyon, that’s pretty tame if you ask me.

  4. You Have Great Balls, I’m jelly says:

    This guy is consistently hilarious. Dude is dripping with talent.

  5. TheFriendlyRadicalExtremist says:

    This guy delivers time and time again, quality and quanitity. Hope someone gives him a big break soon and gets him a better deal.

  6. GibbsonTV says:

    most relatable toon yet

  7. aya B. says:

    We love you meat canyon! Don’t feel obligated to create stuff at such a fast pace! We love you no matter what you put out! You are an awesome content creator!❤️🤘🏽

  8. MisterImpolite says:

    Jesus Christ it’s insane how much subs you have now I’ve never legit peeped till today. All deserved too. Legitimately has passed up some of my old favorites who animate/animated some crazy stuff. You rock man, you ALL do.

  9. Arlyn Games says:

    You are my dopamine Meat Canyon, so I will never let you, no matter how the content would change or whatever decision you take to your channels, everything you do is so unique for me, not for the content itself, but because of you, you are what makes it so unique

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