İYİ GECELER – Fade Agent Trailer // VALORANT

İYİ GECELER – Fade Agent Trailer // VALORANT

Good night, VALORANT Protocol.

Fade, VALORANT’s new Turkish Initiator Agent, steps out of the shadows to stalk her prey with equal parts terror and tactics.

Video made in partnership with Lightfarm Studios.

Original track “Karanlığın” by Helin and ARB4.
LISTEN NOW: https://found.ee/karanligin

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36 Responses

  1. Helin Senturk says:

    This is marvelous to see a Turkish character and Turkish sound in Valorant! It was an amazing experience working with such a professional team like Valorant and composers ARB4MUSIC for the new character. Thank you so much everyone for your love and support in our music.

  2. DigiNeko says:

    her kits looks cool, probably bind , stun , or slow enemy

  3. keshvwn ` says:

    I hope Omen plays a huge role in valorant. He seems like he would with his persona and how riot keeps everything with him confidential.

  4. Nosk says:

    Ok, when she’s out, I’m switching to her. Idc if there’s no controller in our team I wanna play her

  5. A1MBITI0N ' says:

    She sings here (0:00) with a Turkish accent, she say (Karanlik) “darkness” accompanied by music when the trailer starts and I’m not at all surprised that she said DARKNESS (KARANLIK) because the agent already has a talent (skills) that feeds on the dark and draws her enemies into it. 0:47 and you will see a ring on shes finger. The name of the symbol on this ring means NAZAR in Turkish, having an NAZAR symbol on you protects you from all negative events and evils. This symbol is a very common symbol in Turkey and we Turks and it hangs on my arm and on the wall of my room. I like it not only because it protects but because it looks very nice and beautiful. When you activate the agent FADE in-game, the game already gives you an NAZAR symbol bead, and you can attach it to your weapon. I wish everyone good luck with the game, and I would like to thank riot games for giving us such a good game experience and and good luck to all riot games staff.

  6. AbbyAZK says:

    Its criminal the entire voiceline set was not animated, that whole fight and KAY/O coming in clutch with his ult was amazing to listen to, still, loved this trailer.

  7. Emre says:

    For those who are wondering, as a Turk, let me explain the chosen theme of this Turkish agent;

    She keeps the ball in a gray wolf shape while throwing her ability, and also Fade’s hair is made in colors resembling a gray wolf. The reason for this is that Gray Wolf has been considered sacred by the Turks since prehistoric times. The most important reason why the gray wolf is considered sacred and is the national symbol of the Turks is that the Turks believe that they are descended from the Gray Wolf.
    Gray Wolf is the symbol of Turkish nationalism today.

    The reason for the different color of their eyes is that there are many Van Cats in Turkey. Van is a city in Turkey and it is famous for these cats.

  8. Unga Bunga says:

    The music is just perfect for the cinematic. It fits Fade’s skill animations and personality so well imo. Very scary yet flowy and cheeky.

  9. Killa says:

    “Everyone has a fear”
    I want this to be a voiceline

  10. DeathTouch says:

    I like how they added the recon bolt reference in Sova’s fear. There was a video where in training range, Sova can recon bolt into her room and a ping would sound as if she was in there.

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