STOLEN from the Auction, $3500 Crane. Will it Drive Home? Will it Lift??

STOLEN from the Auction, $3500 Crane. Will it Drive Home? Will it Lift??

Auction Video here:

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25 Responses

  1. Diesel Creek says:

    This was a fun one! Hope Yall enjoy! Thanks to Sam from @scrappyindustries for helping me get this beauty home!

  2. Canuckrz says:

    Hey Matt, I work with cranes a ton in industrial construction. Please consider getting some crane outrigger pads if you are going to be lifting anything heavy on a dirt surface like that. They don’t need to be fancy, even on brand new cranes I’ve worked with generally they’re just a couple layers of 2×6 made into a circle about 2-3′ in diameter. They’re generally made in a circle because it makes them easy to just roll around to where you need them. With those small pads on that crane and the amount of force it can put into the ground you risk it shearing the earth and causing the crane to tip over.

    • Gary Mallard says:

      yeah the pad racks are empty….you need hardwood and usually some plywood between layers…. he might find some on an auction… my crane had lots of pads

    • ricardo kowalski says:

      I am a little concerned that Matt made no reference to a load chart.

    • Franklin Werren says:

      I don’t know… maybe 4 – 6 4×4 steel plates 1” thick with a lifting hook on them… I have seen lots of cranes use them. Also fire departments use 2×2 plates for their outriggers on ladder trucks…

  3. erimus1 says:

    Mat’s enthusiasm is infectious. He just needs a couple of permanent helpers now for the awkward jobs 👍

  4. Bill Roberts says:

    Matt, that crane is one of the best purchases you have made in a long time. You will put it to good use soon. Sam is a great friend and very knowledgeable as well as an encouragement. Blessings to you and Sam.

  5. Phillip Allan Sivell says:

    The bar is for the jib. To slide out the fly section you extend the last section fully. Set the boom tip on the ground to get the pressure off the boom slides. Pull the fly section pin then retract the boom section. It should slide out as you retract.

  6. Gary Prendergast says:

    Having Sam as a good friend and fellow mechanic is such a blessing for both of you. I know it took time to develope such a friendship. I’m very happy for both of you. Great job getting the crane home.

  7. Baked and Awake says:

    People just out here driving absolutely ANYTHING they want on the open roads. Its honestly inspirational

  8. KarenL1251 says:

    I’m SO happy for you Matt! This crane WAS an absolute steal!! My gosh, you can’t even buy a good, reliable car these days for $3500! I can’t wait to see what projects you have lined up for this gem. Enjoy!!!!!

  9. Devon Bond says:

    Matt, It’s doubtful you’ll ever have that fly section out, because with that much stick out lift capacity really takes a hit, but if you do run it out make sure to follow the manuals instructions. The worst accident I ever saw with a hydro crane, happened because the fly wasn’t re-pined after it was extended, causing that section to drop on a worker below. Get the manual, always check the load chart before doing any heavy lift. If you know a qualified operator, it would be worth it to get instructions on safe operating procedures. It’s tempting to just wing it, like we do on most equipment, but a crane is a whole different thing as it and an inexperienced operator can cause injury and death so fast. Nice crane though.

    • Clifton Gilmore says:

      You’re absolutely right, friend, a Crane is a totally different animal. You can wing it with just about anything else, but not a Crane, my friend!!!

  10. The Wheel Dave says:

    What a cool video. Excellent filming, editing and music is top notch. I look forward to seeing your new adventures every week. Thanks for sharing them with us. Stay safe. Peace

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