Why I got an “Abortion”

Why I got an “Abortion”

This is the story of how I found out I had 1, then 2 fast-growing lumps in my uterus– and why getting them removed would be considered an “abortion” even though I was never pregnant. My experience just scrapes the tip of the iceberg of this very nuanced issue; so many more people have it worse, and I am very very lucky to in a place where I’m able to get a D&C. Our current lawmakers are barring people from accessing the healthcare they need, risking lives over things they don’t care to understand, and it makes me sick.
























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36 Responses

  1. illymation says:

    Thank you all for being so kind and supportive. I was really nervous to talk about this, and I didn’t know how y’all as fans of me / the internet would react. What a relief to see an outpouring of support for this issue and for one another’s stories!

    If you want to make a difference, see how you can help in your local communities! Volunteer, make your voices heard in your local representatives’ voicemail boxes, and donate to a cause that can ensure the right to accessible and affordable healthcare!

    • Logic is Logic says:

      It’s brave and very inspiring to see you talk about this, love your content!

    • Jacksil Jackson says:

      We are supportive because it’s the right side to be on here, no debate to it

    • Nebula says:

      Glad to see you’ve been having a really supportive community. Talking about this is extremely important

    • yQwO says:

      how are you so based all the time

    • Diego Santos says:

      Illymation as a man i kneel down and i firmly grasp your hand & i look you stirght in the eye and tell you how Brave of a woman you truly are and that this was the best decision for you because babies are expensive and you shouldent be scraping by when you could get a job in the Army and earn lots of dough that way but at least you had a great time under the sheets…

  2. Let Me Explain Studios says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, Illysa. You have no idea how important it is to talk about these things.

  3. Boiman says:

    the fact that there are some situations where not getting an abortion could actually kill you, and these people are trying to stop it is disgusting

    • Gabriella Byers says:

      yep it’s absolutely disgusting. But honestly a good chunk of the “pro-lifers” would be pro choice to an extent if they actually knew what procedures are considered abortions, but many of them would say fake news… so no reasoning there.

    • Slade Spencer says:

      No they just value human life. part of pregnancy is dealing with the fetus growing inside of you. You then Have a responsibility to protect the life growing. This just comes with the consequences of getting pregnant.

    • Eevee Quartz says:

      Real those same people will say it’s ridiculous for 18 and under to adopt a child but will force them to birth one of something happens

    • Kokopium says:

      @Slade SpencerThat includes those people that didn’t wanna get pregnant but are forced to.
      And those laws don’t just affect pregnancy. It affects everyone.

  4. Cayce McCarthy says:

    This story had me heartbroken and in tears. It’s beyond horrifying knowing women are dying because of these idiots who don’t understand ANYTHING about the medical world or women’s bodies/healthcare. Glad you got those removed.

    • SHABOOLA says:

      IKR!! Like I just want it to stop right now!!!!

    • landaclay says:

      It’s the freaking 21st century and we have top teir medicine so your not going to die during pregnancy. And the main problem is the people using abortion as birth control

    • Jack Koo says:

      @landaclaystill, a lot of women do die during labor. Not to mention, not all of them are mature women…..some of the people are young girls. Young girls are forced to go through pregnancy because of the abortion ban. Their body can’t sustain anything or endure anything like labor, but okay, “advanced medicine and science” I guess

  5. Billy the existing says:

    I always thought the anti abortion laws were bad but GOD DAMN

  6. Tea K. says:

    I’m so glad you shared this. My sister had multiple tumors, with a similar experience. She was harassed trying to get into the building that was checking her tumors with an ultrasound since the protesters thought she was getting an abortion, since she looked pregnant due to a tumor the size of a basketball. I’m glad you were able to get the tumors removed and that they were not cancerous as well. This video really helped show how horrible the laws are too. Thanks again, -Tea

  7. The Dealmaker says:

    What kind of claptrap bullshit is going on down there in America? The DEATH PENALTY for abortion???? That’s just wild to me. The fact that somebody even *suggested* that is absurd.

  8. andre somerville says:

    I really respect Illymation for talking about tough topics like this. Discussions about abortion are controversial but important

    • Jacksil Jackson says:

      She’s the only really popular youtuber I know of that actually dosent care what the topic is. I don’t relate to most things at all but godamn was her Autism video so comforting

    • andre somerville says:

      @Jacksil Jackson She’s really good at inspiring empathy and understanding of the circumstances she describes in her stories.

    • Jacksil Jackson says:

      @andresomerville4896  And she dosent work around it, just gives it straight up but never makes it look negative. Giving hope

    • megaben99 says:

      Too true.

  9. MoldeeBread says:

    As a man, I am absolutely disgusted that people actually think they can dictate what other people do with THEIR OWN BODYS! Like what the hell?! If I were a girl, and I got raped or something, I would absolutely get an abortion if I didn’t want to keep it.

  10. Turnip Man says:

    as a catholic male, this is very eye opening. we’re taught in schools about how all life is important and that abortion is a terrible thing and people should be shamed for it. but its rarely put into the perspective of the girl choosing that abortion, and that it is a shallow black and white “abortion=bad and doing it will condemn you to hell.” thanks for being open and willing to share this experience, as i think people need to take a step back and evaluate what they are protesting for, and how the people they are protesting against feel.

    • Pedro e só says:

      As a christian myself, those moment you realise that you’re living in a illusion because somethings your community has taught to you is wrong are not rare. Unfortunally, people are ignorant(not knowing of the other) and don’t wanna seek the others part of the story, never knew what are the others argumment. I think you’ve heard of Plato, but re-read the Plato’s cave and try to rethink even the most little prejudices and judments you have in your life, you see how Mattew 7 is not followed by anyone

    • Em says:

      Thank you for being willing to listen. ❤

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