Strange Behaviour | Ep. 2 | Secret Life

Strange Behaviour | Ep. 2 | Secret Life

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Welcome to Secret Life SMP, a successor the Last Life SMP! Each player has 3 lives and 30 hearts per life. When a player reaches their final and last life, their RED life, they become HOSTILE to other players.
This time there’s a secret twist, every week the Secret Keeper randomly assigns players a secret task to complete with the potential for BIG rewards!

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36 Responses

  1. Horizon Penblade says:

    Everyone on the server is too nice and/or improv-savvy to accuse anyone.
    This task seems hard.

    • Fals Namae says:

      Strictly speaking, given others’ episodes, she did get 1/3 by accident, as the group sleepover had someone ask “Are you SURE this isn’t anyone’s task?”, which is accusing those present (including her) of doing a weird task.

    • The Dealer Rat XO says:

      yeah they’re nice to Lizzie. if it was Scar or Bdubs maybe it wouldve been completed so quick. Also depends on who Lizzie did the ruse to because Etho was sus but he didnt want to say anything. Maybe someone in bdubs group or scott wouldve said something if she decided to be very obvious

    • HoutBlokje_ says:

      @The Dealer Rat XO tbh when people asked her what she was trying to do with the bees she should’ve suspiciously said “Nothing!”

    • Lily Painter says:


    • dogra says:

      yea idk it doesnt seem super fair

  2. Ember Rose 🌹✨ says:

    I love how Lizzie is trying to get accusations but instead everyone just accepts she’s a chaos gremlin and let’s her do wacky stuff

  3. BabyPegacorn says:

    lizzie making a pumpkin roof for her house is very fitting for halloween! i never thought pink and orange would be such a nice combo 😀

  4. Mars says:

    One wouldn’t think that task would be that hard, but from the first episode nobody on this server questions anything 😭😭😭
    They just assume everyone is this weird naturally

    • Marx riley Aoki says:

      I think one of the only people who accuses is Pearl

    • Majda Svabova says:

      Especially when its lizzie

    • Elisabeth Diamond says:

      There is also the attitude of “I think you are doing a task, so I’ll play along so you can complete it”
      If the task was to convince people she had 3 fake tasks, she would have completed it, but people just smiled and nodded at her “tasks”

    • Azurekate says:

      it would have been a perfect tasks for the first ep bc everyone was accusing everyone of false tasks. Now everyone is just numb to it.

    • DustyStarr says:

      or say “that was weird” after they’ve left not to seem rude lol

  5. its Laura says:

    I like how lizzie prioritises orange dye over ancient debris

  6. drippps says:

    Don’t we all love how despite the chaos, fighting, Halloween themed things and revenge Lizzie still manages to make a cute base

  7. Claire says:

    I absolutely love how while everyone is working to survive and do their tasks, Lizzie’s first priority is “cute house” 🥰

  8. Madz Does Gacha says:

    I’m not surprised Lizzie decided to make the base very pink.

  9. Humourless Jester says:

    Lizzie actually got the most difficult task that seems easy. You can’t really make many people suspicious of you doing a secret task when everyone is doing a secret task. Everyone would just not question it and move on with their day lmao.

  10. Ice says:

    Though she basically still failed, I’d count the Etho/Cleo interaction a success

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