Extreme Camouflage Hide and Seek

Extreme Camouflage Hide and Seek

Where I get my music:
-Epidemic Sound- https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/hdky6e/

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44 Responses

  1. Parrot says:

    I deserve an award for that singing

  2. Liam Is Gaming says:

    It’s so nice to see the lifesteal members all in a rekrap video again!

  3. Thatguy6916 says:

    I feel so bad for vitalicies. He ratted two people out to get another life, then he lost it right away

  4. Carrot says:

    Rekraps videos are the definition of quality over quantity

  5. GearShift says:

    This is such a unique style! I love how indie it feels compared to lots of current Minecraft stuff!

  6. Miles says:

    This reminds me of a true old-style Minecraft video. No clickbait, no obnoxious over-editing, no “100 days”, just a couple of friends and a fun minigame.

  7. Randomwords247 says:

    Branzy going to the end city thinking it won’t be checked only for you to check it first was so funny. ALSO I love that the structures seem to be based off your videos!! There’s the nether fortress stronghold, desert temple and bastion from speedrunning (especially as housing(?) is one of the best for speedruns), the deep dark like your 24hrs in the deep dark, the part of the calculator (which looks like the original divider you made in the vid?) from the calculator video. I feel like the spruce village could be a homage to the adventure mode video since that was where you got a crafting table. These two might be a stretch but I wonder if the jungle is for the melon video (melons spawn in jungles) and the end city might be the armour trim videos, particularly the first one with how you spent hours going through end cities on EXTRA low brightness to gather diamonds? Again those last two feel like a bit of a stretch on my part but you never know haha! Granted it might just be structures and the calculator for extra areas to hide, but I like to think it is a lot of references to other videos and series’ that rek’s done

  8. Sleeper says:

    Sometimes i wish i had friends who would play like this with me

  9. Clubertop says:

    I like how Vitalasy “traps” himself then to get trapped again

  10. Avery: not just a pretty face says:

    Mad respect for your unwavering dedication to creating top-notch content

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