Style Theory: You’re Shaving Your Face WRONG!

Style Theory: You’re Shaving Your Face WRONG!

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Today, loyal theorists, we’re learning how to shave your face. But, we’re not just grabbing a razor and having at it; no, we’re using 8 guys and 10 different blades to find the absolutely PERFECT way to shave. Which razor works best: five blade, safety razor, straight edge, electrical or something else? Lather up that shaving cream and get ready for some awesome grooming tips!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Amy Roberts
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Warak, Dom Sealion, and AbsolutePixel
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
Talent: Matthew Patrick, Josiah, Sam Dantona, Justin Pack, Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Yosi Berman, Melvin Biteng, and AJ Retland
#Shave #HowToShave #Shaving #ShavingTips #ShavingRazor #Razor #Grooming #GroomingTipsforMen #MensFashion #MensGrooming #Gillette #Theory #StyleTheory #Matpat

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29 Responses

  1. Drone Strike says:

    This is MatPat’s most sane video this month

  2. Kendra Taylor says:

    As a professional hairdresser, I can testify of the anxiety surrounding the straight razor😳😂Also, you guys should totally do a theory about how facial hair/hairlines can accentuate the shape of your face🧔‍♂️

  3. Scar Cat says:

    To my curly/coils hair friends (ESPCIALLY 4C hair), getting a close shave can be really risky because shaving curlier hair tends to increase your risk of ingrown hairs (pseudofolliculitis)! This is probably why AJ had the worst reaction to the cheap razor. So if you have curly/could hair, the best option is to avoid shaving. But if you have to shave, don’t try to get a super close shave, use a shaving cream or gel, shave with the grain, and periodically exfoliate! Salicylic acid can also help prevent your pores from clogging up.

  4. x says:

    I love episodes where more of the team is on camera. I love Matpat & Steph but it’s fun seeing the other faces behind team theorist too!

  5. Aaron Childers says:

    As someone who uses a straight razor I will say that once you get past the learning curve you get all of the benefits of the safety razor and some, I feel it gives more flexibility. Once you get comfortable with it the nicks go away, also aftershave is great for the look.

    Another thing not in consideration is that I shave AND keep my beard, I use my razor to keep my neck clean and the lines on my cheeks straight. So a tight shave is exactly what I want because I’m just cleaning up what I’ve got.

  6. Lucky CatDad says:

    I have been shaving for 25 years and I’ve used all types of blades, plenty of times. Something to consider here is that there are a few types of electric razer, I had the rotary style one and hated it and now I mainly use an oscillating side to side style. Another thing is that the electric style works best if you’re shaving every day or every other day at most. If that’s the case it’s the fastest, easiest and most efficient. If I don’t shave for 3 or more days then I’ll typically use a blade since the longer hairs don’t cooperate well with the electric style as well.

    • DRCGaming says:

      I use an electric shaver. The one I have has multiple attachments: one which cuts down the bigger, thicker hairs and the foils, which give a smoother shave. If I don’t shave for like 2 weeks I would use the larger blade first. It takes like 2 minutes to cut everything down too, which is very nice.

  7. PrincesJules says:

    I’d love to see a companion episode to this for leg/underarm shaving with the same perimeters. I personally like the cheap razors, but i know women in my life who hate them, so im curious if the results would be similar to these tests or different.

    • Gloomy_Gal says:

      I’ve only ever used cheap razors so I want to know if there’s any big differences between those and fancy electric ones I’ve seen ads for.

    • KayleeMae says:

      YESSS I was literally just thinking thiss

    • puppybunnysquid says:

      ​@gloomy_gal I use both electric and the dollar store ones. The electric is great for the long hair if you let it grow out like I do (because I shave if I know I’m gonna show leg at all), but it leaves like the stubble, even on the short hair setting. It’s also nice since I don’t have to get into the shower with it, so less warm/hot water used. The cheap razor I use to get the smooth finish, but I wouldn’t use on long hair. Razor burn

    • TwinCalibration says:

      God right? I was thinking about this as well. The legs have a lot more surface area and dull out the razor fairly fast. Then there was a comment i saw below about the difference between woman’s and men’s products with the price differences and performance.

    • Crimson cloud says:

      Also for the legs, you could test alternative hair removal techniques such as an epilator or wax strips

  8. Julia Rockwell says:

    As many other commenters here, I want to see a leg/underarm shaving version of this video! I’m always getting razor bumps

    • Kristen Culver says:

      Same here — also I don’t buy into the “pink razors for women” I use the same ones as my guy. I like the sleek silver handle any way.

  9. Brendan Bond says:

    Follow up idea based on how my dad compared shaving:

    Alternatives to shaving cream! My dad swore that shaving in a hot shower or sauna provides basically the same benefits as shaving cream, or even better. And to be honest, I shave in the shower to this day. I wonder if a) the steam of the shower / sauna actually does reduce skin irritation or make shaving easier then a shaving cream and b) if the increased cost to my water bill is justifiable by the shaving product that I’m not purchasing.

    While we’re at it, let’s throw in shaving *oil*, which was recommended to me when I got an expensive shave and a haircut from a spa (who, by the way, masterfully shaved me with a straight razor, so there are professionals who can pull it off)

  10. Edgar-sama says:

    I don’t know if it’s just personal experience, but regardless if the shave is pretty similar, one thing that I’ve noticed is that I need to shave every 3 days with a disposable, while with a Gillette Mach 3 sometimes only once per week.

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