Pokémon, but I added 50+ NEW Types

Pokémon, but I added 50+ NEW Types

I took Pokémon Emerald and added nearly 50 new types to the game like Gamer, Smash, Furry, Magic, Sus, and many more!
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➤ i have spent the past 4 days working on this nonstop

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RH Hideout Pokeemerald Expansion: https://github.com/rh-hideout/pokeemerald-expansion
NobodySociety HM Items: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=10386496
Mkol103 Remove Low Health Beep: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=10246778&postcount=194
voloved Push B in wild battles moves to Run: https://github.com/pret/pokeemerald/wiki/Push-B-in-wild-battle-moves-to-Run

Type Chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UN47H9UpLo0be-ltLzOhSlrnztBE3nkp6vxvuncY6YU/edit#gid=901841849
Major Fights: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t6Ihv-n6-EIhb–nrZL7j-qu2hcvlxUQEoJsF3CGSfQ/edit?usp=sharing
Full Changelog:

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37 Responses

  1. Alpharad says:

    Thanks to Air Up for sponsoring the video! Get your own here: https://airup.link/Alpharad0923 and use code ALPHARAD for 10% off your entire order!!!

  2. mp4.weiner says:

    Norman didn’t leave because his son was a furry, he left because his son WASN’T a furry

  3. Eric says:

    Uno-reverse baby is kinda a genius idea. Make a type that’s the least scary into the the most terrifying.

  4. Ducknator says:

    Would be fun to see Jan play this, trying to chart the weaknesses and supereffective types.

  5. Sebastian Petit says:

    The addition of a “joke” Baby type that’s weak to everything, only to Uno Reverse it into the most powerful type in the Champion battle, is true storytelling genius

  6. Lyzder says:

    The fact that Delphox was so vulnerable the damage calculation overflows and did just 1 hp *just* because that’s the minimal amount is hilarious

  7. Secondsplash462 - says:

    Petition to make a competitive Pokémon format with too many types

  8. Cameron Henry says:

    Shoutout to these modders for having the absolute best senses of humor

  9. 2K Kid says:

    You should add the “Very” type.

    The “Very” type should be used as a prefix in every instance it’s given to a mon, similar to how the “Little” type was used here, i.e. a “Very, Fluffy” type, a “Very, Little, Guys” type. All mons with the “Very” type should be primary “Very”, with some other secondary type. Use this liberally for comedic purposes (e.g. if you’re feeling lazy determining what new type to give a mon when it evolves, just add “Very” as its primary type). Include one instance of a mono “Very” type mon as a joke, maybe even let it evolve into a “Very, Very” type.

    The “Very” type doubles all type interactions involving the mon that has it, effectively making that pokemon function as if it had all of its other types twice – for example a “Very, Water” type is x4 resistant against “Fire”, and x4 super effective against it. Very has no weaknesses, resistances or immunities, except for the “Boring” type, which it is weak to and not very effective against.

    Any type-based interaction regarding a “Very” type pokemon in the text window should include the word “very” somehow: if a “Very” type hits an opponent with a super effective move, the resulting text should read, “It’s very super effective!” If a “Very” type mon is hit with a move it resists, the text should read “It’s very not very effective.” If a “Very” type mon is immune to a move, the text should read “[pokemon name] is very immune to that!”

    Optionally, if it is not too difficult to implement:
    – “Very” types should experience double the stat increases and drops applied to them: Swords Dance would be +4 Atk, getting hit with Sand Attack would be -4 Acc.
    – “Very” types should perform the max number of hits when using multi-hit moves such as Rock Blast, Pin Missile, and Icicle Spear.

    Misc. thoughts:
    Execcutor should be “Tall” type, Alolan Execcutor should be “Very, Tall” type.

  10. Alex Humphrey says:

    The sheer horror on Jacobs face when he walked into “drakes” room was priceless

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